Triple Chain Ring Front Sprocket for Cyclone

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  • Triple Chain Ring Sprocket for the Cyclone Mid Drive.
  • Available in a huge variety of sizing to best fit your needs.
  • Triple chain sizing to fit your style of riding. 

2 Reviews

Morgan Dec 3rd 2018

Great item, needs lube

After having the stock cyclone on my 7 speed for a while I'd gotten tired of finding solutions to cross chaining and chain fall-off, so I ordered this item. I recieved the item in perfect condition, no scratches or dings, no bent teeth, the product was perfect... EXCEPT for the fact that the freewheel came WITHOUT any bearing grease. Come on guys, really? I had to take the whole thing apart and pack it myself, I did not expect the freewheel to come without any grease in it. Having said that, after packing and reassembly the whole thing works like a charm. Very happy with it other than the lack of bearing grease.

Sep 28th 2017



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