Peg Leg Detachable Kickstand


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The next step in kickstand evolution!

Kickstands are a wonderful thing but any stand that drops into a locked position can be dangerous due to the possibility of this happening by accident during use. This is especially true of ebikes which are often used at higher speeds than regular bikes, as well as any bike regularly used for singletrack and jumps (such as downhill bikes and mountain bikes)

The Peg Leg provides this usability without sacrificing safety with a magnetically mounted stand that can be removed as effortlessly as kicking a traditional stand into position. Simply pull down on it and it comes off. Since the stand is removeable it can not drop down into a locked position like a traditional kickstand, providing a significant advantage in rider safety.

  • Designed for versatility.
  • Compatible with both standard QR and Thru axle, or even a bolt
  • For bikes with 26" and 27.5" wheels
  • Suitable for ebike, singletrack, downhill and other high performance uses
  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Usable with up to 100 lbs bikes
  • Powder coated aluminum with oversized heavy duty rubber foot
  • Held in place with powerful neodymium magnets
  • Easily stores away in any backpack or battery bag
  • Tab rotates into for optimal stand positioning

NOTE: Once tab is in proper position be sure to tightly fix the QR or nut holding it in place to prevent unwanted rotation during use

Click here for an instructional video on how to install