Pletscher Two-Leg Double Kickstand 320mm

Pletscher Two-Leg Double Kickstand 320mm

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  • Pletscher Two-leg double Kickstand 320mm
  • Both legs fold up to one side.


Support note:

This does not work with Sondors (or at least not without modifications)

1 Review

artdrectr Dec 21st 2017

Great stand

I have a bbshd Marin mtb. The PIetscher fit perfectly and lifts the rear end up like a motorcycle stand.
I like that the stand's legs sit close enough together when holding up my bike that it allows the cranks/pedals to revolve...I can do adjustments on the drive train w/o needing a separate bike stand. That was a cool surprise!
My bike is essentially a commuter so not really concerned about the stand's added weight.

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