Remote on/off Solid State Switch

Custom Solder Connectors $12.00 *
Add a Switch Extension Cable $5.00

Current stock: 0

Handles up to 120amps

Up to 60v so good for our batteries up to 52v

Lighted on/off switch

Draws 0 current from your batter when switched  "off"

12AWG wires


High amperage batteries require a high amperage on / off switch.  This gizmo does it without requiring a large circuit breaker which is what usually is required for high amperage.

IF your DIY ebike does not have an on/off switch it can be a safety hazard and we recommend installing one of these switches. 

For an extra $10 we will install xt90's on each end of the connector. (male on input female on output)



Support notes:

Switch (the board) does have heat shrink but is not waterproof. 

Waterproofing methods in order of difficulty/thoroughness:

  • Filling the ends of the heatshrink with dielectric grease
  • Filling the ends with liquid electrical tape
  • Cutting off the heatshrink and covering with 3M potting compound

May not work with regenerative braking.









14 Reviews

Bob Mutch Apr 29th 2019

I believe this product has a pre-charge circuit

I believe that MOSFET switch also has a 1 or 2 sec slowly opening up so that it can pre-charge the motor controllers caps, you should test it and see if that is the fact and add that as a feature. I'm not saying anti-spark connectors are not needed, as you still need a pre-charge circuit so you don't get an inrush when turned on.

Steve Apr 11th 2019

Remote on/off Solid State Switch

Why did I wait soooo long? I now have over 8800 miles and 370 charge cycles on my Luna 52V panasonic triangle pack. Not all connect/disconnects on those XT90 connectors were for charging, I probably made those connections over 500 times.

Now I just push a button.

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