Replacement 48-72v Cyclone Ebike Controller

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  • Puts out a maximum of 3000 watts
  • For 48 - 72v batteries
  • Direct plug in replacement for the cyclone 3000w kit (Please confirm your connectors in the images above)
  • Can be used with any brushless ebike motor
  • Small size for this kind of power
  • 40A continuous
  • See this link for wiring diagram

Luna cycles is tired of seeing people overpay for high power china ebike controllers.

This is a high power 40 amp controller that is small and is affordable. Other vendors sell 40 amp controllers for hundreds of dollars.  Leave it to Luna to slash the price. 

We know the cyclone 40amp controller is solid. Not only is this a plug in replacement for the Cyclone Kit, but also it can be used for any ebike brushless motor for those who familiar with wiring an ebike controller.

This controller is for advanced builders only and comes with no documentation. 

The motor needs to have hall sensors in order for this controller to work with it.

Many ebike motors that are rated for lower watts may burn out on long hills if you pump 3000 watts through them for a long time.





152mm x 85mm x 47mm

Mounting tabs excluded, they add 15mm each in length. So 182mm total.



82mm x 52mm x 30mm
Weight 350g

5 Reviews

Steve O Jun 3rd 2018

Cant beat this for the price!

I like this more than I thought I would. You need to know your wiring because you will probably be using this on a random motor, but all the wires are there and it works very well. 40 amps provides plenty of grunt to get around. I have mine powering a Bafang 750 watt rear geared hub motor. I had to go through several combos of the hall and phase wiring, but it worked out well. I think its a square wave controller. Not very noisey at all. I love the cruise control on my long rides, it works out great.

Crazy Larry from Canada Sep 21st 2017

Works well

I had no problem with this controller, if you know what the wires are for and how to connect the phase and hall wires properly, they dont always go according to color code, there are 33 possible different combinations you must try. Just because you swap blue and yellow phase wires, does not mean you have to do the same for the hall sensor wires. It has been my experience that sometimes you have to do the phase and hall wires separately. But it takes time and a bit of experience to do, just because you a degree does not mean you have experience. I only have a Grade 7 edumacation :)
You MUST make sure you throttle is wired correctly and you do NOT have the brake cut out plugged in while doing Phase and Hall wire's.

The only reason this product got a 3 is because of the rather skimpy traces on the board itself, I beefed them up with nickel strips for battery packs, much easier to solder on than a solid round 12g wire.

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