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General Description

The Luna Roam Fusion contains our largest ebike battery ever. The larger battery and our best motor are added onto our highly efficient Giant Roam 2 ebike to provide the Luna Roam Fusion more range than any other performance ebike on the market.  

Luna is one of the few companies in the Western World who can claim to build and customize their own battery pack, something that puts us in a league of our own.  (Read more about the Fusion battery Here) With the Luna Roam Fusion we are offering a truly integrated, custom, high-performance ebike. The Fusion battery features a custom ABS plastic enclosure, molded for each size of this frame.  The 18650 battery pack consists of top shelf Panasonic cells and is assembled in the USA using the most advanced techniques to create the most cutting-edge, rugged, and reliable ebike pack ever made. This battery is a whopping 1456 watt hours, the biggest battery ever in an ebike under 100 pounds. Most ebikes on the market have a battery that is a tiny fraction of this capacity.

For an independent review of the Roam fusion check out this article on 


Why buy from Luna? A New Ebike Company You've Never Heard of.

Read our recent Ebike Mission Statement
Google Luna Cycle Ebike
Read this warning about buying ebikes (do not get punked)
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Built Upon Quality Bicycles

At Luna Cycles we believe the right way to build your ebike is to start with bikes of proven quality and only add the highest-caliber components to them.
Not many people want to ride a $100 bike from Walmart that's made in China, and we will not use those low-quality frames for any of our ebikes. We find the best bikes are made mostly in Taiwan and elsewhere.
Our commitment to quality really separates us from other ebike companies.  In order to understand the pricing of some of our more expensive ebikes we encourage you to research the bike we base the build on, the battery pack and the electric drive units we power the bike with. We use nothing but the best on a Luna ebike.
We buy big on quality components and bikes, operating with a smaller profit margin than our competitors, allowing us to pass huge savings onto you. You will not find a better ebike at a lower price. 

How We Beat Most of the Competition



  • Fairly priced
  • We are Ebike fanatics and experts
  • State of the art mid drive motor
  • Panasonic GA Battery - cutting edge tech
  • Tell you the watt hours 1000 (1 kilo watt hour!!!)
  • Built on brand name bicycles (KHS)
  • Quality bicycle components
  • Full-color Luna Designed Interface Display
  • Programmable interface allows you to really dial in the power.


  • Overpriced
  • Ebike profiteers
  • Heavy hub rear motor (cheap to buy)
  • Inferior cells, poor pack construction
  • Exaggerate range numbers
  • Built on cheap, Chinese bicycles
  • Substandard components
  • Inadequate display board, if any 
  • Not advanced enough to have any programming


Compare these Dream Features

Research these incredible features in this bike and you will not find a better quality ebike at a better value!


  • Name brand, top-shelf GIANT Bike
  • Powerful Mid drive
  • Custom Made 52v Fusion Battery Pack with over 24ah
  • Full Featured Color Display
  • Pedal assist and throttle features
  • Fully programmable through an interface
  • Tons of small details that make Luna the best


Top of the Line Mid Drive Motor Set Up


Luna Cycles is offering this ebike in a BBSHD format, which we have found to be the most reliable and powerful drive systems available on the market today.  These drives are plenty more expensive than a cheap hub motor, but we are selling them to you for less money than cheap hub motor ebikes typically sell for.

We do not offer hub motor bikes, only mid drive bikes because we believe in only offering an unparalleled ebike.

We do our own custom tuning to these drives, which nobody else offers, and can support them better than anyone else.
These mid drives are completely silent, efficient, and fun to ride. They have a quality full-color display and come with both throttle and pedal assist.

Last year we sold more BBSHDs than all of the other dealers combined, for good reason, you will not find this quality with any production bike at this price point anywhere.
You can save even more money by converting your own bike and buying one of our kits here. (read about the advantage of mid drive here)
We also realize that not everyone is into building their own ebike. For those, we offer a turn-key Fat Bike with a BBSHD drive (read about our most popular drive here). This is yet another cost savings for a quality bike with quality components.  We want to make first-class, quality ebikes affordable for everyone.
Although we specialize in build your own kits, Luna can build you a high-performance ebike for a fraction of the price of a store bought ebike.

Color Display / Control Center

 Luna is the first dealer in the world to stock the full featured DPC-18, it comes as a standard option in this bike. 




Like all Luna ebikes, this bike comes with your choice of full-color display which gives you valuable insight such as battery life, speed, and miles traveled.  The display automatically changes to dark-mode when the sun goes down so you ride in “stealth” mode.  There are very few production bikes under $5,000 with this high-level display quality.

21 Piece Luna Toolkit


We feel every rider should have the capacity to wrench, so we have included a free Luna tool kit for you. The kit contains all the tools we either custom-made or hand-selected to be perfect companions to our mid drive ebikes.

Occasional adjustments are needed on high performance mid drive ebikes, this toolkit along with our video guides will give you all the tools you need to do this on your own.

Frame Sizing

Please don't stress about about frame size the way you do when you buy a pedal bike, it’s just not as important.

With electric bikes it is not imperative to get the right frame size since you are not reliant on efficient human power for propulsion. You won’t notice much of a difference since the motor is doing the lion's share of the work. We actually recommend going with a smaller size in an ebike than you would get for a pedal bike, because smaller sizes are better for keeping the weight and center of balance low. They are also easier to get on and off of (ebikes are heavier than a pedal bike and tend to be more awkward to tilt to swing your leg over). You can always raise your seat or raise your handlebars, just keep the center of balance low and get a smaller sized bike if you can.

Please see the images for a rough size guide.


Plain and Simple Luna Cycle Offers:

  • The highest quality ebikes you will find for under $5000 with no BS
  • Only mid drives BBSHD or BBS02, the top electric mid-drive systems available
  • Say "NO" to awkward rear rack mounted batteries
  • Say "NO" to slow, heavy, over-priced hub motors
  • Get a state of the art mid drive for less
  • Best deal anywhere on comparable quality ebikes 
  • All professionally installed our our skilled mechanics in the USA
  • Sold for thousands less than our competitors 
  • Optional no-nonsense part replacement warranty
  • Read this independent article on buying tips

Warranty Options on Luna Ebikes

We are an eCommerce company and can ship this bike to you wherever you are at.   We are selling manufacturer direct to save you money but you should realize it is not the same as paying full price from a local ebike shop.  We charge minimal markup because we do not offer face-to-face support.  Most of our sales are to enthusiasts and to builders who know what they want and don’t need a lot of assistance from their dealer. You can use our forums and knowledge base to find the answer to almost any support question you have.

If you expect your bicycle to be flawless and never need adjustment or maintenance, we recommend that you buy your ebike from a local brick and mortar ebike store if you have one near you. We especially recommend this if you want person-to-person support when it comes to adjustments and maintenance of your ebike.  We do not offer this level of support.

Bikes are large and expensive to ship. Once you ride the bike it is considered used. We do not offer any returns on your bike unless it is dead on arrival.

For 30  days after the bike is delivered we will replace any parts that are defective.

Bicycles are easy to maintain and to work on and we really encourage you to learn basic bicycle maintenance or develop a relationship with a local bike shop.

For 90 days after the bike is delivered we will cover the Drive system and battery for part replacement.  

Extended warranties are available for  6 month , 1 year and 2 years for an added cost. The warranty covers any parts that are defective,  we will send instructions detailing how you can properly install the replacement part.

Since our drive systems are modular every repair is easy with the right part in hand.

This a high quality bike with a high quality component system and should be as solid as any ebike. However, you will be required to do routine adjustments and maintenance on your own.