S1 Mini Rear Light with G-Sensor


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  • Compact Rear Bicycle Light
  • Internal G-Sensor senses sudden hard braking and causes rapid flashing
  • 7 LED's in a tiny form factor
  • 350 mAh Internal USB Chargeable Battery

Incredibly tiny and efficient, the S1 Rear Light is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a rear light solution without taking precious bike real estate.  Crammed with 7 LED's, the S1 also comes equipped with an internal G-Sensor that tracks motion to increase flashing rate when it senses sudden hard braking.  

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Josh Gerber Jun 20th 2019

Don't rely on the stock attachment

I don't have much of a comment about the light itself. The stock attachment (a rubber strap) broke free on my first ride with the light and it was lost before I ever turned it on. Don't rely on the strap.

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