Ludicrous V2 Controller


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Luna V2 (Beta)

Sine Wave 18 Fet Controller

The most powerful controller ever offered for the BBSHD


Up to 72v (If using 72v an Eggrider is required)

18 fets military grade hardware

Very smooth and quiet

Retains all features of BBSHD

(see spec sheet here)

See this page for documentation (highly recommended)

NOTE THIS CONTROLLER IS ONLY OFFERED WITH LUNA MANAGER APPROVAL. Regardless of who or how this was authorized, we require contacting us via email for a reference case number beforehand. If there is no case number provided in the details box the order will be refunded. Unless otherwise stated this approval would be for (1) controller at this time, not multiple. Please note this voids any and all warranties. We do not cover blown motors or damaged primary gears resulting from use of this controller. We recommend to ride with caution, this is a lot of power and needs to be used responsibly.

We are offering this controller at an introductory price of $350. This controller is made available to trusted Luna VIPS on its initial offering.


The V2 is extremely powerful and will require at minimum a Wolf battery with 30Q (high power) cells.


You can run a lesser battery but you will not be able to reach peak power of the controller.


We highly recommend this be installed on a high quality mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes only. 


This controller uses VESC firmware however only a few of the settings will be user adjustable to prevent the user doing inadvertent damage to the controller. 


Note these may be custom built to order so if this controller has been approved please be patient as it can sometimes take several weeks depending on workload