Sondors Replacment Fat Bike Hub Motor


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  • Direct Bafang replacement of the Sondors Motor
  • Easily replaces old motor without rebuilding wheel
  • Same specifications as original motor


This is a brand new motor designed to drop in and replace a burned out Sondors motor.

It's an easy 15 minute job to switch motors and not really any harder than changing a bicycle tire.

  1. Take your rear wheel off your bike.
  2. Remove the rear sprocket.
  3. Undo the bolts on your motor and pull out the inside.
  4. Undo the bolts on your new motor and remove the inside.
  5. Put the new motor in the old motor's case.
  6. Screw your motor shut.
  7. Put your rear sprocket back on.
  8. Mount the rear tire back on the bike.
  9. You are good to go.


1 Review

John Osborn Apr 29th 2016

It's as easy as everyone says!

Like the title says, It really was that easy. It takes more time to get the wheel off and back on than it does to change out the motor internals.
I was worried there would be bearings that would have to be pressed off and back on, but there is nothing needed other than a 3 mm hex wrench. Note: the rear freewheel stays on the old motor end cap and is used again.

Thanks Luna Cycle for getting this right.

John Osborn
Austin, Tx

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