Canecreek Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost for Sondors

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  • Instantly add inches of suspension to your Sondors Bike
  • 10 minute conversion no hassle
  • Guaranteed to fit the Sondors Bike seat tube
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Luna is proud to offer authentic Thudbuster Seat posts at the lowest price anywhere to make the Sondors ride just a little bit cozier. 

Thudbusters have proven to be enough suspension for most ebike riders and is a very popular upgrade.

A Thudbuster gives you 3 inches of suspension which is good enough for most ebikers.


For some riders the 3 inches is too much and they opt to go with the ST version (short travel) which gives you a bit less suspension for those that don't need a full 3 inches.

Since most Ebikers are not riding really technical off road, a suspension seat post is usually adequate suspension instead of a rear  suspension.


Note that this will make your sondors seat about 3 inches higher than your lowest setting on your stock seat tube so if you are a short rider this may not be a good option for you. 


You can add a leather seat and we will ship this combination to you pre installed if you add a saddle to your order so you just drop it in your seat tube (a 1 minute install) and you are good to go.


This is one of the best "bang for your buck" upgrades available for an ebike. 



3 Reviews

Mike K. Jan 1st 2017

Lumbar Relief!

I ordered the long travel for the Sondors Thin (27.2mm seat post). I was happy with the included shim for the Fat bike, because I do have both models. I can use the one Thudbuster for both bikes. I have a 29 inch inseam, and set the seat for a full leg extension. With the higher standover of the Thin I was concerned with the seat being too high, but the fit is fine, with a little adjustment downward remaining.

The Thudbuster provides a supple ride to what is quit a spine rattling experience on that Thin bike. The long travel does suck up those big bumps, without any noticeable change with leg travel, and the sensation is of a rear wheel suspension. However; cold weather does stiffen the elastomers, and lessens suppleness, but there is still adequate comfort.

Ross Nov 14th 2016

No more ouch on bumps.

This product (the ST) is great. Only need to stand on the pedals for bad bumps. Has just enough give to get you over most bumps. Easy to install on my Sonders Original. Love it.

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