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Mud Flap Fenders for Fat Bike Pair (Sondors)

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Product Description

  • For both version 1 and 2 of the Sondors Fat bike (may need modification to work with aluminum version)
  • (note not an easy bolt up for bikes with suspension forks)
  • Mud flaps for fat tire bikes
  • High grade steel fenders quality built
  • We customize these to bolt easily to the Sondors
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Greatly improves looks of the bike
  • Allows you to ride through the muck without getting yucky

 video-icon.png Watch the Luna Installation Here.


These fenders will fit on the Sondors fat bike but can be made to work on other fat bikes with a little stretching and creative mounting.

We do as much assembling and tweaking we can do at the Luna Lab before shipping them to you to make them as easy as possible to bolt onto the Sondors fat bike. 

Luna pictorial installation guide

Also look at our installation video for assistance on how to mount them.   

Product Reviews

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  1. Sondor Fenders

    Posted by Butch on Sep 10th 2017

    I bought these for my RAD Rover and the size and bend fit really well with a little modifications. The problem arose with the quality of workmanship. The front fender fit pretty well with cutting the wire holding the fender to the fork ( I used a 1 1/2" wire clamp from amazon to attach it to the fork) watch the rover installation film and you will see it's what they use to attached the fender and used the screw holding the front light to affix the top bracket. The rear fender was a little different in that the bracket for the rear fender and the one holding the wire were both on a big angle instead of straight which made it hard to adjust. Again I used a 3/4" wire clamp to hold the wire on the rear fender. Excluding shipping it cost $50 for the fenders and $15 for the clamps and had enough to do another bike with planet bike fenders. So the difference between Luna's fenders and RAD'S was $95 to my favor. I have already purchased 3/4" x 8' long and 1/8" thick and will trim to 1/2" or 5/8" in width and make a strap for at least the rear fender like the ones RAD sells. I'm not happy with the wires that hold the fenders to the bike they look and are cheap. I'll make them during the winter months when I'm not riding hear in the north-east. So if you want to save some money consider these metal fenders over RAD'S plastic fenders for your Rover. The only foot note I will add is when I use a strap on the rear fender I will probably get rid of the rear 3/4" clamp and attach it were the rack attaches. Hope this was helpful and as I mentioned before I also bought the 52volt 13.5 amp hour battery for my bike and it has work fine on my bike and double the mileage than that of the battery that came with the bike and RAD charges the same for a 48volt 11.6 amp hour. Thanks Luna and the people that work there for all their assistance!!!

  2. A Quality Product, well packaged and on time.

    Posted by Brian on Aug 4th 2017

    Ordered these for my Sondors X on order, but I have three other, manual fat bikes. Because I plan to use the Sondors X on snow I have decided to install these fenders on my multi use fat bike- the one with Vee Rubber, Sporster, smooth tires that will go anywhere with low rolling resistance but poor traction on snow and mud.
    These fenders mount close to the wheel and would quickly jamb up with mud or snow. They look great. For mud and snow I will use seat post and high fenders spaced well away from the wheels.

  3. Luna Cycle Fenders for Sondors Ebike Fat Tire Original comes through again.

    Posted by TimothyWhipple on Jul 16th 2017

    To those who really want to know the truth. Got my new fenders from Luna Cycle on time as promised. Great condition as is and perfectly designed as stated in Luna's video on installation. Have not yet installed them because I'm waiting for my new Sondors fat tire bike to arrive. I just ordered it end of June should be here by end of July-first part of august. As far as Luna's product, all looks good. When my bike arrives and I have installed my fenders, then I might write a new review. In the meantime, happy ebiking people. TimothyWhipple, upstate New York resident.

  4. Kind of Flimsy

    Posted by Chief Breaking Wind on Jun 25th 2017

    I guess they are the best thing available...
    Installed on a Sonders Fat Tire Bike.
    Fenders are bent on too tight of an arc, very difficult to shape to fit.
    Mounting brackets poorly mounted, not aligned or centered.
    Look OK but wonder if they will last long.
    Suspect they may have to be removed someday in the rain far from my tools.
    Had to supply my own screws but that is expected with an generic kit.

  5. Fenders for Sondors bike

    Posted by James Meyer on Feb 27th 2017

    Fit was good back. There was no bolts or screws for front fenders it was a three millimeter screw had to go to the store and get two of them

  6. Fenders

    Posted by Lou Christie on Feb 23rd 2017

    Fenders are grest, fit good, fantastic, light weight.

  7. flimsy

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 22nd 2017

    I bought these for our new Sondor's fat tire e-bike. The fenders are solid metal construction but the way they go on the bike is super flimsy. The clearance over both wheels is super tight. Anytime someone would ride the bike the fenders would move out of place and start rubbing against the tires. I finally had to remove them. Waste of money. If someone asked me, I would advice them to buy a straight back fat tire seat post mounted fender instead.

  8. nice fat tire fenders

    Posted by Lane Bills on Feb 18th 2017

    Hey the price is right the front fit my diamondback oso straight bolt up with a little adjustment , the rear lined up with the bottom holes pulled the center L bracket of to put it the other direction to line up with a little tweak to the bracket, the rear stays dont line up with anything , but tweeked the wire stays a bit and fits just fine, seems solid enough till i crash again, only down side is the holes didnt line up in center of the fender they were off set a little bit, but the fenders were very nice looking with the black paint went along with my black diamondback oso this is the cheap one but i just love these fat bikes and the fenders make a lot of difference on mud going on to the hd bafang drive motor with a small rubber mud flap at the bottom no mud on it, as it is wet in Seattle and areas i go to. thanks for a nice set of fenders for a great price .

  9. Fenders for Sondor's Fat Tire Bike

    Posted by Robert Patterson on Feb 17th 2017

    Fenders fit fine, the screws sent didn't fit the holes on the front fork. But I picked up a couple at Home Depot. The fenders took a long time to get. After they were in stock there was a fender bracket missing that they had to be expedited out of China during Chinese New Year so that added to the long delivery time. But I was happy to receive. The price is good also.


    Posted by Sergio on Nov 11th 2016

    So I emailed support a few months back on this fender system fitting on another bike..... As you would expect, they were neither yay or nay. All about a sale right? Well not really. They asked me to measure and ensure so I didn't waste time and money. Sooooooooo, the measurements didn't line up but I ordered anyways. I was in the position to be adventurous, lol. I received it faster than anticipated. UPS Ground guy kinda threw it on my porch lol. I open it, and the silver attachments to secure it to the Luna Cycle it was designed for were bent..... Sad sad sad.... I took pics to let them know. I didn't let them know lol. I removed them and attached to my bike, a Mongoose Vinson. Ok so it looks silly on the rear wheel because it's a bit raised. Although, it's been the best purchase I have EVER made for a bike... EVER..... I've found myself drier than ever and riding through puddles I'd never have gone through because these things ROCK. If you're getting it for looks keep as is. If you're going to abuse it, like me, I'd definitely paint it with a thick liner. Think Rhino but cheaper.

    All in all. I'm going to end up getting more stuff from these guys and gals.

  11. Fat boy mud guards

    Posted by Bob Bone on Sep 9th 2016

    These are the dogs parts - top banana finish - easy to fit - great price - super fast delivery - great customer service.

  12. Great value, fast shipping

    Posted by TNGuy on Jun 13th 2016

    The product is well designed and with excellent quality. Easy to assemble, its a good idea to watch the video first though. Only thing I want to add is that the Allen wrench sizes required were 4mm and 5mm. The video probably references older design/product with a 6mm allen wrench.

  13. Good value

    Posted by Mike Niles on May 21st 2016

    Good price for what you get. Everything you need is included and there's a straight forward you tube video for installation. Nothing fancy but totally functional and the right look.

  14. Excellent fit and finish on the fenders, great price, fast shipping

    Posted by Robert Edmiston on May 19th 2016

    Must say that I was very appreciative to find a $50 set of fatbike fenders that I could retrofit to my custom fatbike. They are made of metal, the fit and finish is great. Due to my custom application, I had to make up some of my own mounting hardware, but I did use the rear stays. The front fender rod stay was a little less than stellar, but easily replaced with Velo Orange R clips so that's no big deal. I love that they provide full coverage which is important in Seattle.

  15. Works With the Suspension Fork.

    Posted by Kris on May 9th 2016

    I got these for my Sondors with a front suspension fork. I needed to buy some extra hardware (about 2$) to get them to fit right and be stable. a spacer and longer screw to fit it around the brake caliper, and a long screw to attach the back fender to the mounting hole. (where they tell you to zip tie)
    I didn't have to take off the front wheel, but did have to remove the rear wheel to get the fender screwed in.

    i'm not rating five stars becasue there should be a longer bolt included.

  16. Top notch

    Posted by Joe Jacobson on Apr 30th 2016

    Very well built. Lots of tire coverage. Looks snazzy. Arrived well packed, maybe even too well packed, with all necessary parts. No instructions included in the package, but none is needed. It was a quick install. Now I just need a storm to see how well it does at keeping off the mud.

  17. nice enough fenders for the price

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 22nd 2016

    Good coverage on these WIDE tires,,, I had to shorten the front stays a little and found that the plastic keeper that are supplied to replace the eyelet that was originally found on the ends is kinda small for the diameter of the wire stay,, I made it work and I am sure that you can also. There is not much clearance between the tire and the fender and I suspect that that will be an issue in the mud,, I recon my wife will not not be riding in the mud, should keep off the water from the streets just fine...

  18. Doesn't quite fit

    Posted by Robert Bradford on Mar 15th 2016

    Love the fenders...they are big and beautiful. But...they don't fit very well. I had to make some modifications to get the front fender attached as the brace that goes around and attaches to the front fork at the bottom does not work with the disc brakes. I had to rig up an extension to get around the disc brake. Other than that....They are pretty nice!