Soshine SC-S7 Charger


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  • Tells you how many mAh your 18650 is currently holding
  • This is awesome charger for testing the capacity of your batteries
  • Easily slides back and forth to charge a variety of lithium ion batteries
  • Charges via any USB port
  • Detects a bad battery and warns you 


We got the tip to start offering this charger from, our favorite website for 18650 cell testing. One of the battery bros primary testing devices is this little 18650 tester.

This charger has a fancy digital display which gives you all kinds of nice data such as voltage, time of charge etc. But the most crucial data you get from this amazing little charger is how many mAh your battery is sucking in. This is an amazing piece of data to have. It will tell you if your battery is standing the test of time, how good it is compared to when new and if you bought a new battery if you are getting all the "juice" you paid for. 

Also, it will help you make sure that new battery you bought is not a clone, and actually hold the mah's that it claims it does. mAh is the true capacity of a battery, telling you how much juice it holds and, if you bought a new battery, if you are getting all the "juice" you paid for. 

This little device is the most awesome affordable  little battery tester we have ever used and at under $15 it is a real bargain. 

This charger comes with USB cord and charges via any USB plug. You can buy a standard 12-volt charger and turn it into a wall charger.