Storm Hot Rod 20 amp Controller 36-52v

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This item has been discontinued as it was only usable with Gen 1 fat sondors, and the kt-lcd3 is unavailable. If you would like to buy one as an as-is, all sales final special order, then email support.

Note: This controller needs to be used with our display to show speed, motor power, and remaining battery capacity.  May not be compatible with latest sondors bikes.  Check to see if your throttle has an on/off switch, if it does not it may not be compatible

  • Note: You need buy a KT-LCD3 display for this to work.
  • NEW: has mounting bracket so screws in place of old controller
  • Plug and play performance boost of Stock Sondors ebike
  • Sondors compatible connectors
  • 20amps max
  • Increases wattage by 30 percent
  • Get up to 700 watts with fully charged stock 36 volt battery
  • Get 1000 watts with a 52 volt battery
  • Significantly improve your performance with a 15 minute upgrade
  • Handles a maximum of 60v so you can use 52 volt batteries (read our story on 52 volt performance)
  • 3-3/4 x 2-3/8 x 1-3/8"

Increase your stock wattage 20 percent without changing anything but this controller.  Ride the Sondors the way it was meant to be ridden. 

It has all the connectors of the original Sondors controller including the optional display connector.

Please note you probably have to have KT-LCD3 display for this controller to work. Earlier models of Sondors displays might work but we cannot guarantee it. Many sellers of this display can be found via Google. 

We recommend everyone who buys this controller also buys our dash or has another equivalent dash verified to work with it.

  • Phase 1 upgrade - Change controller and add display - get a maxmimum of 700 watts with fully charged battery... Keep the stock battery and run at 36 volts
  • Phase 2 upgrade - Invest in a Luna 48 volt battery and now you're pumping 900 watts
  • Phase 3 upgrade - Change to a Luna 52 volt battery and now you get the maximum this controller can handle which is 1000 watts

We do not recommend you go beyond 1000 watts on the Sondors bike because it  will become unreliable  with the stock motor and you can possibly damage your motor if you get it too hot. 

We feel 1000 watts is a sweet spot with this wonderful bike. 


Sondors THIN compatibility

Yes, it is compatible. However it is not a plug-and-play replacement like on the fat bike version, because they changed the wires on the battery. So you would need to add bullet connectors onto your battery, or change the connectors on both sides and put something like an XT-90 on the controller.

If you look at the pictures above you can see that on the controller it has a single red wire and a single black wire, these are the connections to the battery. The connectors that are on them are called bullet connectors. Last we checked the fat version has bullet connectors on its battery, so this would be plug and play unless they changed it in the latest version. The thin bike does not use bullet connectors, it uses an XT 90.

This is what the controller looks like when added to the thin.

You see an XT 90 coming off of the battery and in this instance the individual put a matching XT 90 on the controller where the bullet connectors were. It looks like he did that with crimping but he could've also just as easily done it with soldering or even just taking some wire nuts from Home Depot and putting them together and then covering the whole thing in a bunch of electrical tape. If you do it like that you would probably want to put a little dielectric grease in there too.
This shows how to crimp, it's pretty straightforward. You need a crimper, butt splice (there are crimping kits with varying size butt splices available), heat shrink and XT90. We sell the heat shrink and the XT90 connector that you would crimp on to it if you want to.

Latest Sondors Original Compatibility

On latest sondors models where it is compatible it may be necessary to mount the controller outside of the battery box since the battery box has been slightly changed in such a way that only a thin shaped controller can now fit.  Please make sure you are okay with that before placing the order for the controller.

18 Reviews

Mike Chaplin Jan 5th 2018

20A Controller + LCD

Great product! Added a 48V battery pack also & could not be happier with my Hot-Rod Sondors Thin! Link to review details here... (

Mike ...

Jim Carroll Jan 2nd 2018

Not really for the New Sonders Original

I bought this controller for a new Sonders original I purchased in Oct 2017. I purchased the controller and gauge kit in November prior to the disclaimer being added to the Luna website that it might not fit new Sonders bikes and may require external battery case mounting. I had purchased the bike and controller/gauge upgrade as a Xmas gift for my wife. Shortly after Xmas I undertook the install only to discover that the controller is completely different physically than the stock Sonders version. The Luna controller is shorter by 1-2 inches and wider by about 3/8" and will not fit the stock Sonders battery casing, and worse yet, on the stock controller Sonders has the wires going to the gauge/brakes/power button all exiting from one side (top) of the controller and the motor power/hub sensor cables exiting the opposite (bottom) of the controller. On the Luna version all cables exit from one side of the controller which ended up being the bottom side to allow the motor cable to reach. At first I thought mounting it this way would not allow the cables running to the handlebars to reach but they ended up being tight but ok. But do not follow the clean routing of the stock wires. I had to do some major cutting on the interior of the battery case to get the luna controller to mount but after a couple of hours removing the battery case and using a hacksaw and dremel cut off wheel I was able to make room. It's an ugly hack and the wire routing is not ideal but it is all hidden within the case. Luna's suggestion to mount outside the battery case would be a non starter for me and I am sure many others.

Once my work was complete I was able to get it all in and it does seem to work fine although only one test ride so far. In hindsight I would not have purchased this upgrade and would not recommend it until Luna can get their supplier to upgrade the design to match closer to the Sonders physical layout. I don't believe this should be sold under the sonders parts section for the reasons above, any 20amp 32/48v controller would be similar. I am happy with the gauge so far though as it was an easy mount and plug and play and $50 cheaper than the Sonders version.

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