Sur-Ron MX Rear Fender


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  • Authentic rear wing from the manufacturer. Comes with an extended axle for installation.
  • The rear fender is compatible with both the X and Non-X version of the Sur-Ron MX Dirtbike. 
  • Less than a 15 minute install job, the rear fender bolts straight onto the rear axle. 

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Merlin Valencia Aug 13th 2019

Nice little fender

I bought this fender because the rear fender is pretty much non functional in the Light Bee MX. I like that it comes with all the parts which consists of: 2 brackets, the fender, fasteners, and a longer axle. This hugger type fender is fairly easy to install. I was worried it my be a little flimsy and now be able to handle the rigors of off road riding but after testing it at the off road park it was fine after many jumps and trail riding. From what I can tell it really works I don't feel my back or helmet getting pelted with rocks or dirt. Unfortunately when I got it summer had began and there was no more mud to ride in.

Somethings I don't like is that it looks a little dorky. You can also scrape the fender if you wheelie your bike straight up like if you pop the front up and like to hold the rear brake to walk or swivel your bike around. Not for doing those vertical wheelies. Also there are some holes in the fender that allow you to attach something to it like a reflector or a license plate. It would have been nice if that hardware was included as well.

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