Suspension Front Fat Bike Fork (for Sondors and other Fat Ebikes)


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  • Suspension fork designed for fat bike tires
  • Designed for quick release axles and bolt on axles,
  • Will not work with through-hole axles (15mm and 20mm)
  • Easy bolt on to the Sondors or other fat bikes
  • Accommodates tires up to 4.8 inches wide (Depends on the rim width) (not usable with new Sondors X unless using a narrower tire)
  • Amazing affordable price
  • 4 inches of travel
  • Spring loaded so no issues for winter rides like the Bluto air fork has
  • Adjustments for preload and dampening (rebound)
  • Fork Steerer Tube width 1 1/8", length 8 1/4"
  • Axle to crown length 520mm
  • You will need a new 1 1/8" crown race as the one from the Sondors ebike is not removable
  • see images for dimensional drawing

Here is a review of our fork done by Karl at the Electricbike-blog

For the ultimate in quality we recommend the Luna Lander fork which gives the same features of forks costing hundreds more and is a real oil and air filled shock and actually weighs less.

There is no comparison in the performance of this cheap fork and a fork like the Lander or the Rockshox Bluto.

You can read Karls review of the Lander fork here.


We have a video showing how to install a front suspension fork here: 

Crown race can be hard to remove to remove especially if it’s old, good thing they are cheap and available at your local bike shop or at:

1 1/8" Crown race can be easily bought here at JensonUSA or Chain Reaction

Its better to use your old crown race so that you are sure it will fit perfectly.

We make installation much easier by providing a specially sized PVC pipe to make installation a snap without any special crown race install tool. Here is a picture:



13 Reviews

Eric Evans Jun 29th 2017

Great shock for the money

This is a great shock for some light trail riding or dirt roads. .its not ment to be a big hit makes the bike butter smooth

Collin Apr 30th 2017

Good value for average size rider. I needed to tweak it a bit...

Mounted this fork on my Boris. Rode it on a shake-down ride, bottoming it out harshly the whole way. (As in, bone-crushing, metal-on-metal bottoming...) I weigh 230lbs.
So, I had a Suntour XCT fork laying around and, as it turns out, it has exactly the same spring and retainer assembly, but with a higher rate spring and an extra elastomer bumper within the coil. Slid right in, and now the fork has full travel, and doesn't bottom out. Problem solved.
Hit the trails and it works very well on the rough, rocky, single track here in Prescott, AZ. My 8" brake rotors may be straining it a bit, but we'll see how well it holds up. If anything, it's a great value. Especially for regular sized riders.

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