The Satiator Programmable Ebike Charger

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  • Read our complete  review of the Satiator here.
  • Voltage: Programmable 10-60v
  • Amperage: programmable up to 8 Amps 
  • Maximum wattage 360 watts
  • Easy to use interface
  • No fan for silent operation and reliability
  • By far the best ebike charger ever made


From the makers of the Cycle Analyst, The Satiator charger is the most advanced ebike charger ever and is very easy to use. 

This is a variable voltage, variable amperage charger meaning you can charge almost any ebike battery of any voltage and charge it as slow or as fast as you want (up to 8 amps).  Read our article on how charging speed can affect battery life here.

In addition you are able to choose to charge a battery to 80% of its capacity which can double the life expectancy of your battery pack (Read about the benefits of partial charging here)

This is a 360 watt charger in a very small size (small enough to fit on an ebike) made to be as high quality as possible.  Compared to other powerful chargers it is small, lightweight and quiet.  It has versatility to be used in almost any voltage ebike pack charging a maximum of 60v, any chemistry. and can be a slow charger or a fast charger. 

If you are buying an expensive lithium battery pack, the Satiator might be the smartest investment you make, charging your battery safer and greatly extending the life of your battery pack and paying you back for the Satiator in no time.

If you own many different ebike battery packs, the Satiator will save you time and hassle by reducing the number of chargers you need, and reducing wire clutter. One elegant charger for all your ebike needs.

The Cycle Satiator comes stock with a XLR battery connector (microphone plug) 

You can clip this plug and install your own charge plug or you can use an adapter, with an XLR.

You can make your own adapter or get an adapter premade in our store. (Click here for XT60 adapter) (Click here for XT60 to Barrel adapter)

Note: This is a much better but more complex option compared to standard chargers, even the Luna Advanced Charger. Make sure you know how to use it right, read the documentation.  







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