Zero Motorcycle Wide Belt Sprocket Conversion Kit


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  • Change any 2013-2016 Zero FX, DS, SR and DSR into a wide belt system
  • Everything you need for the conversion
  • Make your Zero quieter, stronger, and more reliable

Easy plug and play replacement for you earlier model Zero to switch to the the wide drive Gates Belt. Tired of snapping belts on your older Zero?   This wider belt will make your belt significantly wider and stronger to make it  as strong  as the newer Zero bikes.

This will also actually make your bike quieter and improve the sound characteristic from a high pitch whine of the skinny belt to more of a deep pitch growl of the thick belt.  We find the belt to be overall  quieter in both dry and wet conditions. 

The conversion kit includes the following:

  • Wide belt sprocket for rear (same stock part used in later Zero models)  (90 tooth)
  • Custom Luna made CNC front sprocket for the front (19 Tooth count) 
  • Very close to the original Zero gearing no matter what your bike is. 
  • Gates wide belt:  11mm pitch, 17mm wide belt, Carbon reinforced


 Note: This is an advanced modification and comes with no documentation. We recommend having a local bike shop do it. This video may help