Bafang BBSHD and BBSO2 Universal Thumb Throttle


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  • Universal Thumb Throttle for BBSxx
  • Designed to be mounted on either side of your handlebar for flexibility

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26 Reviews

Dec 14th 2017

40% to 100% control

The throttle works. I like the thumb control but it appears to only control from mid level to full position. I.E. the first half of its range does little to nothing and when it does start working you are at 40-50 percent throttle. I didn't see a way in the software to modify this behavior. mostly I use PAS but it is nice to have throttle mode when needed.

Dec 8th 2017

Be careful not to leave it in detent "on."

The product mounts and works as advertised. But it has a detent "on" position. That is, once you engage the throttle and let go, it doesn't return to "off." It detents to a very low "on" setting. This causes two problems. First, you can be in pedal assist zero and with the throttle in the detent "on" position, the bike is still powered and moves with electricity. This surprised my rider and took some time for us to figure it out. Second, if you shut off the computer with the throttle in detent "on," you'll get an error code 4 when you turn the computer back on. I would have liked to seen a user's manual cautioning DIY installers of these functions. ===== LUNA RESPONSE: Hello, if the universal thumb throttle is a bit sticky you most likely have the bracket tightened too much. If you slightly loosen it this will go away. There is no detent in this throttle. ~luna cs ======

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