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Luna Cycle New Larger Location, New Cyclone Mid Drive, New Products, and Used Demo Bikes!

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Luna Cycle has finished our move to our new location in beautiful El Segundo CA, close to the beach and one of the best bike paths anywhere in the country... the strand. 

We are sorry that during our move we fell behind on back builds, wheel builds, and some shipping, but after this week we will be caught up.
We are offering a fleet of demo bikes that are taking too much space in our new digs. We will be adding bikes to this list so keep checking back. These bikes are for local pick up only. So you need to come visit our store if you want these (worth the drive for some).

Now we are getting back on our feet we will continue to roll out new products. We have about 10 new bikes to announce so keep checking back...also we announced today our deluxe version of the cyclone mid drive:

We will keep adding new bikes and products throughout the month. Here is where you can find all our new products:

Thanks everyone for helping us move to a bigger and better location. Building and selling bikes in the bad neighborhood of Gardena was a tough one and we are glad we survived it. We hope to serve you all better in our new digs.

Luna Cycle announces a new color BBSHD / BBS02 Display the 750c

Its springtime and luna has been rolling out a bunch of new products for a March special and will continue to do so for April.   (see all the March new products)  Today Luna Cycle  is announcing our latest color display the 750c  and are offering it as a free upgrade on our BBSHD and BBS02 Kits. [...]

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Luna Ebike 18650 Ebike Battery Testing

Here is a real rarity...real testing graphs on ebike packs. We now use the same machine one of our heroes uses  for pack testing, a re-power unit capable of testing 3 packs at one.  This is in addition to testing machines we already have that are not as nice for printing out fancy graphs. Here is a [...]

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Luna March Madness March-Out

Luna Cycle is on a mission to be fastest and the most innovative at unbelievable prices as a way of saying thank you to the DIY ebike community.For the month of March Luna Cycle is announcing a new exciting product every single day. Included in these announcements will be 10 new electric bikes.All this [...]

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Poll: Help us Name our New 5000w Monster Cargo Bike

iFrameResize({ enablePublicMethods: true, minHeight: 230 })

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Lifting up our cold weather Ebike Riding Offerings

Hope everyone is doing their best to weather the cold and get through the coldest months in the Season.Luna has some new cold weather products to warm up your February. We have two new suspension forks, the Luna Lander which is a straight tube fork with high grade options such as adjustable air compression and [...]

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Ebikes on CBS 60 minutes... must see cheating scandal in road bike racing

If you have not seen this 60 minutes video that aired last Sunday you should drop everything and watch it. It is the most astonishing ebike news i have ever seen in main stream press and has huge ramifications. It turns out we are in the same gang all along. Geeky out of shape ebike [...]

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Luna Cycle becomes an Ebike Seller...why buy from us?

Luna Cycle has quickly become a leader in selling quality motor kits and bleeding edge ebike batteries. (read this story) If you have the skills and inclination to DIY, we think this is the “right” way to save money and to have a more intimate knowledge of your bike. We believe [...]

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Luna Announces 50amp BBSHD EBike and Other exciting announcements

Luna Cycle just released a complete bike with our own version of the BBSHD which puts out 50amps (2500 watts) we have a limited quantity available for $3500 and is a full suspension fat bike with a battery in the triangle…. You can see the Luna Ludicrous here: This is [...]

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Summer Give Back Special: Tell us about your build Get $50

One of the best ways new builders can make a DIY ebike is by following the lead of other builders who have built an ebike based on the same donor bike.Just today I did a pictorial of all the ebike build reports done so far on our new forum here and thought wow this is [...]

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