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​BB (butts on bikes) Blow Out. BBS02 KIT with Shark for $750

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Luna Cycles is moving to a new warehouse, and we have a surplus of BBS02 and 48v Shark Packs we want to blow them out to valued customers and at the same time save ourselves moving and lifting costs. The lowest price ever on the most popular mid drive ever.


$750 for 750w BBS02 kit, 48v panasonic 13.5ah Shark Battery, B&W Display (plus $40 for color display).

We are offering an amazing price on a conversion kit with everything you need to convert almost any bike to an electric. Please share with your non powered friends and your slow electric bike friends.

The BBS02 is all that most riders need.

*Note no substitutions are allowed on this offer and only for USA customers

It has several critical advantages over its popular big brother, the BBSHD

  • It is 3 pounds lighter than the BBSHD
  • It totally falls within federal legal limits of an Ebike
  • Its is smaller in size than the BBSHD which means more stealthy
  • It has more custom chainring options available
  • It has been around longer so it is a proven platform
  • Lower amps means longer range

And now it has a significantly lower price than the BBSHD making it accessible to almost anyone, and now at this limited low price it makes a lot of sense over the BBSHD.

This mid drive has many advantages over a hub motor kit. And at this amazing price a hub motor kit makes little sense.

  • It allows you to use your bicycle geartrain
  • It is easier to install (watch install video)
  • It gives you perfect weight balance since it is low and centered
  • It is silent.
  • It is reliable
  • It is plug and play

BB (bikes on butts) SPECIAL. $750 for the 750w BBS02 with Shark Battery (with b/w display). Our Best ever deal ever l on the a mid drive kit to make affordable performance bikes available to everyone. Please share with your non powered friends and your slow electric bike friends. 

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