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Luna is doing its best to offer you the best pricing in the industry for both DIY products and recently complete bikes.  Please help us out to take the time to read this before contacting us. Understand the nature of DIY is that you save a lot of money, but you will need to do a lot of the building and troubleshooting on your own.  This is easy enough but will involve you using google from time to time.


We are always open to emails and respond within a few hours

We recommend contacting with the same email address used to place your order as this will help us to resolve your issue faster.


For shipping questions about shipping click here.





If you are having trouble with an item you bought from us 

We are sorry you are having difficulty, and problems with DIY products can be hard to diagnose. Our most skilled technicians are answering trouble tickets and you can reach them by opening a trouble ticket here




If you have questions about an item you bought or wish to buy


We do have a phone number you can call us but we ask you use it only if you can't find your answer any other way.  We cater to the DIY market and building your own ebike may take a lot of your own research (and you shouldn't trust the words of sales men anyway).  We highly recommend you use the incredible DIY forums that exist as resources listed below:
 forum (our own forum) 


endless sphere 


electricbikereview forums  


reddit ebike forum here.




Here are additional resources we recommend, some of the most respected  blogs in the DIY industry


Luna Cycle Youtube videos


Brunos Youtube  videos


Building an ebike is a  fun and fulfilling project, but building your first one (although not a super hard project)  will take a bit  internet research on what to buy and how to install it.












If you need immediate assistance after reading this that cant be dealt with by email our phone number is:

(800) 881 4471


 Look at our return policy here