Chain Extension Kit for Larger Surron Sprockets O-ring Master link and Chain Links

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Includes all the parts you need to install larger chain necessary to run larger sprockets.

Includes master link and a properly sized piece of chain to lengthen your chain so you can run a larger sprocket. 


Standard master link used to connect different lengths of O-Ring 420 Chain. This is an extra master link is used to connect lengths of O-ring 420 chain, as used on the Surron X, perfect if you snap your chain and need just a tiny bit more extension or to join to bits of chain together. 

Please note that this is only compatible with O-Ring Chain and will NOT work with standard motorcycle 420 chain (Used on the Surron MX and on the Surron Pedal Kit).

Choose from the following sizes or buy the largest we sale (64 tooth) and then shorten the chain to your custom size... we have available to fit the following tooth sizes.


52 tooth

54 tooth

58 and 60 tooth

64 tooth