Luna Cycles sells its vehicles for “Off Road” Use only.  There are varying laws when it comes to electric bikes, and our bikes can be programmed for different wattage levels and different top speeds.. But we prefer to keep it simple and sell them as off road use only, since the laws are always changing and every jurisdiction has its own laws. 

Our mid drive are programmable. It is up to you how to program your drive. If programmed for maximum performance our ebikes are illegal to be ridden on public roadways in all 50 states. If you want us to program your bike for 750 watts we can which will make it legal in many jurisdictions to ride in the street. However we only recommend our bikes be ridden off road only or on sanctioned race courses or bike trails.

We do not recommend sharing the road with cars.  Bikes are extremely dangerous when sharing the road with cars. If you get into a run in with a car on a public street you can incur major damages to your bike and body. We do not recommend you put yourself in this danger and avoid public roads all together. 

Like many things in life, having fun often entails taking risks. Whether one is jumping out of planes, rock climbing, playing football or swimming alone without a lifeguard, risk is an unavoidable element of some fun activities and experiences. For some, the very fact that an activity is risky is an important ingredient for why the activity is fun and worthwhile. Anyone that took off the training wheels for the first time felt that exhilaration of finally “getting it” and not crashing. 

That being said riding in the street with speeding cars is dangerous. 

We will not take liability for what will happen on one of our bikes on a public road.