Luna Floating Brake Rotor for Sur-Ron (Pair)


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Price is for pair (front and rear) 


2d floating brake rotor design by Jackson Edwards

2.5mm hardened Japanese stainless steel  (30 percent thicker than stock)

We made this rotor thicker than the stock  rotors... 2.5mm where as the stock are made from 1.8 mm.  This extra thickness gives more brake mass for great stopping power at an affordable price, we are excited to release a the new Luna Floating Rotor engineered right here in the USA. 

We tested many different materials and designs using our laser cutter until we came up with the ultimate.  We started with the best alloy of fire hardened Japanese stainless steel.   First we laser cut them then we precision ground them to make sure they are perfectly flat. 

Our lead engineer Jackson Edwards worked on this project right before his tragic death.

This is a one piece 2 dimensional floating rotor design which Jackson came up with. We tested  it with thermal guns and they do indeed dissipate heat as well as the 2 piece riveted designs. 

The floating rotor is especially unique by allowing heat dissipation during heavy stopping, as well as forcing both sides of the caliper to make contact with the rotor - for vastly improved stopping power.  We at Luna are super excited to provide our rotor design.

in testing we found this rotor to give 1/3 more stopping power and also much better heat dissipation over the stock rotor.    Also the stock  brake pads lasted longer because these rotors run so much cooler than the stock rotors.

Using these rotors make the stock brake set completely different and better. 

Plug and play with the Sur-Ron X. 

That means the rear has the same funky bolt pattern to match the Sur-Ron rear hub. 

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