BBSHD Clutch


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Replacement clutch for BBSHD

20 minute install job

Watch Luna video below

When your pedals do not work and spin around freely, but your throttle works normally, your clutch is blown.


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Jun 18th 2017

Works great, but a replacement for failure of original clutch in less than 6 months....

Hope this one last longer - working great so far and price was reasonable

Last one broke into several pieces I had to clean out of the gear housing....

Took this one hard off roading and it is doing fine so far

Robert M Larrison Nov 7th 2016

Easy installation

Very easy to install
I'm a new mid-drive owner after utilizing a front hub for many years
I've been thrilled with the BBSHD after Jethroing the clutch (a prong broke and took out the inside some on the main gear)
Good You tube video so it was a walk through
I'm happiest for the availability fast shipping and no ridiculous mark ups

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