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Luna Mighty-Mini 30 tooth BBSHD Chain Ring

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Product Description

NOTE: Only Available to our BBSHD customers

Read electric-fatbikes review of the Mighty Mini

  • 30 teeth
  • We feel a more ideal gearing than the stock 46 tooth chain for ANY type of riding
  • Increased torque significantly without much loss in top speed
  • 7075 heat treated alloy for durability and lightweight
  • Plated clear coating to resist corrosion
  • Single piece design
  • Ultra lightweight for those rare ebike weight weenies
  • Lovingly machined in California by Luna cycles


This 30 tooth sprocket really brings the BBSHD to life.   

On our test bike we were able to get to 32mph with incredible  torque compared to the stock ring where we got to 34mph (got there very slowly) so for a sacrifice of just a few mph in top speed you will get tons more torque. This chainring is perfect for offroad use. 

Because of its wicked tooth design the Eclipse clings to the chain and will keep the chain from falling off on even on full suspension bikes. Our test bike was a full suspension bike which had many issues with the chain falling off with the stock steel Bafang chain ring but this ring we had no problems despite its small size. 

This chainring was reviewed very favorably by Karl from (review here) for singletrack riding with a BBSHD.


Support notes

This chain ring unlike our standard Eclipse chainring only has a very mild offset so it does not do much to correct the chain line of the BBSHD. The same is true of all chainrings smaller than 42T.
Unless you have a wide fatbike you will likely want to use an IGH or rework the cassette in order to have a good chainline through all gears, otherwise you may have shifting problems in lowest gears.

See our Knowledge Base for a comparison of this chainring's offset compared to others

See this link for our documentation on reworking the rear cassette.

For single speeds we strongly recommend this to be used with a derailleur type chain tensioner. If you don't use a chain tensioner and the chain does come off you risk bending the ring when you put it back on. If the chain comes off put the front chainring on first then put the chain over the top of the rear cog and slowly roll the bike backwards. Stop pushing if there is too much resistance. If you put the cog on first and then try to put it on the front ring it will bend or break the teeth and your chainring will not work right anymore.




Product Reviews

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  1. Luna Mighty-Mini 30 tooth BBSHD Chain Ring

    Posted by Mike Grossman on Oct 23rd 2017

    First to be fair this chain ring went on my first and only ebike build. I also have very little experience working on or maintaining my own bikes. I broke a chain within 4 mile after adding this chain ring. Just chance? I don't know. Today my chain rolled off and wedged between the motor and chain ring. It was bound up tight, several teeth bent. I wish I knew why the chain is jumping off and breaking with this ring but the standard 46 tooth steel ring that came with the 1000w Bbshd never did me this way.

    Hi the issue you are having is due to chainline. Any chainring lower than 42t cannot wrap around the casing of the motor and as such has less much less offset (the teeth are further away from the frame than would otherwise be the case) This is covered in the documentation at the bottom of the listing, that unless you have a very wide fatbike you will likely want to switch to an IGH or rework the cassette in order to have a good chainline through all gears.

  2. Power up

    Posted by Ken Wang on Jul 31st 2017

    If you need huge torque for climbing,
    you need this ring.

    I bought this ring and eclipse at the same time.
    The chain line and chain length were quite different,
    so you may need different setting if you need swap 2 rings

  3. Can't use gears 1-4 on mongoose Vinson 8 speed

    Posted by Steve on Jun 7th 2017

    You should put this info on your product page so someone else doesn't waste time and money on something that won't work and you won't take back.

    Hopefully the eclipse will work but since it is diy...I guess I will spend another 100 plus on another guess.

  4. Crazy Power update

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2017

    While deciding what gear ratio to try next I threw on my old stock chain ring. Holly crap how I quickly forgot how terrible that thing is! as far as I'm concerned its not ride-able until I get a new chain ring.
    If this mini mighty was tougher it would earn a 5 for sure. Regardless I'll be buying another one.

  5. Crazy power

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 5th 2017

    I ride really steep hills and this gear was amazing! crazy climbing power, much lighter then stock sprocket, etc.. My only complaint is, I only had it for only 2 months before 3 teeth snapped off while riding one day. and i'm not sure how since it does not extend past the motor.
    If it was stronger I would have given it 4.5 stars. It also keep the chain from falling off a lot more, however the chain still falls off time to time. Still looking for a good solutions to keeping the chain on while riding, flying, landing...

  6. awesome!

    Posted by kevin on Apr 2nd 2017

    This is a huge difference from the one that come with the bbshd really wakes up slow speed use without much compromise on top speed quality product look great too!

  7. Makes The BBSHD On A KMX Trike Scream up the Steep hills

    Posted by KeimilMEADE on Jan 24th 2017

    On a 112 pound loaded KMX 2020 Tadpole Trike Nuvinci 360 IGH, Panniers, tools, water, spares- everything but the kitchen sink the Luna Mighty-Mini 30 tooth BBSHD Chain Ring Made it come alive. Thank You Luna for offering this for the BBSHD !

  8. essential equipment for fat bike

    Posted by Richard on Jan 7th 2017

    Well designed and manufactured. -30 t is essential ratio for proper fat bikes. Top speed still easily 50km/hr with 11t rear. Highly recommended for sand. mostly use 11 to 15t rear keeping chainline nice and straight- with more than enough torque and power. (52v BBSHD)

  9. long in the tooth

    Posted by jim oxford on Jan 2nd 2017

    I haven't driven many miles with this toothsome beauty but it seems to be doing it's job. it is installed on a mongoose hitch seven speed fat bike. chain line is good and teeth stick up above chain so it would be hard for it to come off. looks tiny when mounted like a cute metal puppy.

  10. Transformer

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 4th 2016

    Fast shippingn to France. It change definitely my bike on the beach. I use less battery. Just more logical on the sand. It works well on the road to. Thanks!!!

  11. King of the mountain

    Posted by Kevin McNerney on Sep 16th 2016

    I loved my bike before but now I'm in lust lol. This product is fantastic! "Oh that little hill"? No problem. Per usual another great product nice work guys.

  12. Unbeleivable improvement

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 10th 2016

    I've had it for one day. The ring looks great, its well-made, the chain doesn't fall off anymore, the ratios are WAY better, making the bike more responsive, and it looks like a 90's Civic Del Sol alloy wheel with weight reductions holes.

    I have a Trek Fuel with a 10 sprocket cassette in the back. With the OEM chainring, I could use all sprockets, though I rarely used the largest sprocket due to the bad chain offset and bad shifting. Thanks to the small size of the new ring, the derailleur is no longer super stretched and shifting is back to the amazing quality the bike had when it was brand new. With the new ring, I'm using my five fastest sprockets (11-13-15-17-19 tooth) exclusively due to the increased chain offset. Don't worry. My new lowest gear (19 tooth) makes a much better grannie gear than the biggest gear did with the old chainring. Its not hard to remember not to shift lower than five gears - I just think of it as a five speed car. The drive chain is actually willing to go two gears lower for ultra climbing capabilities, but I feel that's pushing the drive train too hard with that serious of an offset. You WILL hear those long chain teeth on the Mighty Mini making unhappy noises if you push the offset too far.

    Now for the bad news: I lost approximately 1mph in top speed on flat ground NOT pedaling. On flat ground, with pedaling, I lost around 4mph and here’s why. With the ratio change, depending on how many teeth your fastest sprocket has, your feet probably wont' be able to keep up with the motor. So you lose a bit of power because you can't possibly keep up and help the motor. Of course this only affects your top speed. When it comes to acceleration, I feel as fast as an avearage car until I reach my top speed. I’m now strongly considering switching by fastest 11 tooth sprocket to a 10 or 9 tooth sprocket to get back some of that top speed. I should mention that on the old chainring, aerodynamic drag limited me to the same top speed of 35mph in my three fastest gears on flat ground. I have yet to do a thorough investigation of the Mighty Mini’s performance on hills and in different wind conditions.

    Top speed with Mighty Mini on flat ground without pedaling: 31mph
    Top speed with Mighty Mini on flat ground with pedaling: 31mph (no effect – can’t keep up)
    Top Speed with OEM chainring on flat ground without pedaling: 32mph
    Top Speed with OEM chainring on flat ground with pedaling: 35mph
    Top Speed with Mighty Mini slight downhill with pedaling: not tested
    Top Speed with OEM chainring slight downhill with pedaling: 40mph

  13. Mini is super nice

    Posted by Wayne Bergman on Mar 30th 2016

    I started out with the Eclipse 42 tooth front ring as I was using a 42 tooth rear cassette and wanted good low speed power for trail riding. I switched over to a Sturmey Archer IGH so the Mini 30 tooth was needed to get my slow speed power back. It just arrived in the mail today and its just as awesome as the eclipse. Super nice teeth and look to it and works like a charm.