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Spacer KIT for BBSHD Bottom Bracket Fitting (4 pieces)

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Product Description

  • Aluminum spacers made by Luna for fitting of the BBSHD
  • Helps with odd sized Bottom Brackets and other fitting issues
  • Includes 4  spacers 1 thin (1mm), 2 medium  (2mm) and 1 large spacer (4mm)
  • Go around the shaft of the BBSHD and fit like a glove
  • If the triangle plate lines up with the two bolt attachments but is not flush against the BB of the frame then these are the spacers you are looking for
  • For more info on mounting the BBSHD on fatbikes with intrusive chainstays check out (this article).

We provide this kit so that you have a wide range of spacers to make  sure your BBSHD gets good fitment.

Includes 4 spacers.

1 thin, 2 medium, and 1 wide.

With this combination you can get up to 10mm of wiggle room with your BBSHD install. 

According to Karl from the golden rule of BBSHD installation is "Your mounting plate must be totally flat against the bottom bracket Side"

These spacers make that a cinch to happen. 

Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect spacers - should be recomended for every order!

    Posted by Ryan on Aug 13th 2017

    Unless you have combed the forums and found your exact bike build just add these to your order! It'll save you double shipping plus get you on the road 3-5 days quicker. The combo was exactly what I needed to space out the chainstay.

    Luna - Please recommend these for all builds!


    Posted by patrick on Jul 17th 2017


  3. properly spaced out

    Posted by jim oxford on Jan 2nd 2017

    my bearing bracket was 111mm needed 8mm to mount bbshd to fit. these babies did the job. I have installed these spacers on two bbshd units and they work. machining is a little sketchy but the important dimensions are there.

  4. get properly spaced out

    Posted by james oxford on Dec 23rd 2016

    these are just what I needed to fit a 111mm bearing bracket to my new 120mm bbshd. that luna was too busy to sell me.

  5. snug fit

    Posted by Ronny on Dec 18th 2016

    had my secondary gearhouse touching my wheelarm : good thing this spacerkit is several sizes, so i could try until there was enough room.

  6. Had a little wiggle in my 68mm BB after installing the BBSHD

    Posted by on Sep 16th 2016

    After installing the 68mm BBSHD I had a very small wiggle space. It was too small to measure. It was enough space that I couldn't torque the BBSHD tight enough to keep the motor from moving. So I bought one of these Spacer Kits, guessing it would fill in the gap. Turned out the one thin spacer was perfect when installed on the chainring (right) side. I was able to tighten the BBSHD perfectly. I used one medium and one wide on the left side to coverup the extra threads that were exposed after. It made the install look professional and clean. It was $10.00 well spent.

  7. BS2 spacer kits

    Posted by John Ruys on May 6th 2016

    When the spacer kit arrived it is supposed to have 1-4mm, 2-2mm and 1-1mm thick rings in the packet, however it had 1-4mm and 3-2mm thick rings in the packet. This is unfortunate and relates to the quality control department and I expect this to be rectified shortly.
    The spacers are a perfect solution for the proper fitment of the BS2 to any bike. It should be noted however that the first ring will encounter a stop against the bottom chamfer of the BS tube.
    Therefore it requires further chamfering on the ID of the first spacer to accommodate this obstruction and thus ensure that the spacer ring(s) rest perfectly flat against the BS2. A dremel or similar tool will easily perform this task.
    Otherwise very good value for money and quickly available.