Sur-Ron Super Moto Conversion Kit


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This is the complete bolt on kit you need to turn your Sur Ron into a super motor dirt bike.  Note the Sur-Ron bike in the pictures is not included.

  • Complete built wheels and tires
  • 203mm brake disks
  • 42 tooth Sprocket
  • 420 chain at the correct length

We wanted to make it easy for anyone to convert their Sur-Ron Firefly bike to a Super Motor road bike racing bike.

This is a bolt on kit where anyone can quickly convert their Sur Ron in their own garage, as easy as swapping out the wheels. (less than an hour job).

That is because we even include the sprocket and chain, you will need to get to road worthy gear ratio. 

This will make your stock Sur Ron MX bike into the supermoto road bike that is lower to the ground and look more like a bicycle.

The tires are road tires which have a completely different look than the knobby tires. 

Because this kit includes both a 42 tooth sprocket and a properly sized chain, you will still get the same top speed as the stock MX bike.


The tires and wheels are designed for the Sur Ron to make it super moto worthy:

CST 3 ply nylon tread and 2 motorcycle level tires DOT. Front 70x90x17 Rear 90x80x17

Rims are alloy DOT  Front 17 x 160   Rear 17 2.15

The kit has the exact same hubs that come on the stock Sur-Ron. 20mm thru axle front and 15mm rear.

Quality built wheel with strong 13 gauge stainless spokes and nickel plated brass nipples. Dimpled nipple exit on rims.



Support notes:

If you have the Rockshox Edition Sur-Ron you will have to remove the front brake rotor off the dirt wheels and take the the spacer (between the hub and the disk rotor) and  the longer bolts and install them over the super moto front wheel. The alternative would be to buy another disk brake spacer (called a boost axle conversion) and install it permanently on the super Moto kit.






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Josh Nowell Nov 18th 2019

Super Moto Wheel set

The only reason I’m giving them a 3 star review is that the spokes and nipples are the same ones that come on the stock 19” wheels. Not the same length of course but the same 12 gauge ones found on the stock wheel set. Was hopping on finding a nice quality set of 13 gauge stainless steel spokes like it says in the description & not the same low quality spokes and nipples found on stock wheels. Still a good deal for the price and convenience this kit offers.

Merlin Valencia Aug 13th 2019

Great value for a set of wheels

The supermoto kit is great in that you get a full kit to install some supermoto wheels onto your Sur Ron Light Bee for around $400. The wheels seem decent and are very light weight. I found a couple loose spokes that I tightened but nothing too loose. It even comes with the brake discs. The ride is a little more bumpier with the supermoto wheels.

My biggest gripes are the tires and tire sizes on this kit. The tires have poor grip and slide around even when just casual riding and cornering. I took them to a race track and it takes a long time to warm up. The compound must be really hard. I even lowsided the bike because of the cold tires when entering the track. I replaced the CST tires with Micheline Pilot Street tires and they are much better. Which leads me to the next gripe is the tire size. The supermoto tires are very difficult to find when compared to the dirt tires because it's an uncommon size in the US. It's a moped tire size. So there aren't many options out there. I would suggest your ditch the tires right away. I replaced the tubes and but the stock tubes looked like they were decent, I'm keeping them as spare tubes. They provide a set of front wheel spacers but they don't provide a set of rear spacers. It would have been nice if they included both.

Overall it's a great kit if you are planning to ride on the street more than dirt. Just ditch those tires.

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