Surron Deluxe Wheel 21 inch (front wheel only)

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  • Surron 21 inch deluxe front wheel
  • Same as the front  wheel that comes in the Surron Deluxe wheelset
  • Laced and ready to install on bike
  • Includes 220mm front  brake rotor and adapter for greatly  improved braking 
  • Custom CNC wheel set made just for the Sur-Ron from 6065 T-6 aluminum
  • Beefy motocross tires that are the maximum thickness that will fit in the Sur-Ron frame
  • Beefy 10 gauge black  spokes 
  • Aluminum Rims
  • Rim lock which allows you to ride with low tire pressure and prevent the tire from spinning on the rim
  • Rims: Front 21 x 1.6 inch   
  • Tires: Front 80/100  3.1/21inch  
  • Front Tires are too wide for RST fork (RST users must change to thinner front tire)
  • Only available in black color

By popular demand we are offering our 21 inch front wheel from our deluxe wheel set as front wheel only.


This will make your bike 1.5 inches taller transforming your ride, improving the ride especially for taller riders.  Because of this heightening the stock kickstand will no longer we suggest our upgraded adjustable kick stand with this product.

The stock front brake will not work with this kit  so we have included in this package an upgraded 220mm brake rotor and adapter so with this package you will also get greatly improved braking over the stock brakes which are only a 203mm rotor.

For RST fork people you will need to change the front tire, since the tire in this kit is too wide for RST Fork. 


These rims come with a no name quality knobby tire with soft compound perfect for off road riding and some on road riding. We will upgrade to the Shinko 241 trials tires  for $60 and will install the tire on the rim. 

These deluxe wheels compared to stock are better in every way but like any good new motocross wheel set, the wheels will have to be broken in properly. You don't necessarily need to ease into the new wheels while riding, you can ride hard right away, you just need to make sure the spokes remain tight. After a few hours of riding some spoke can become looser than others and that is simply due to the spoke and nipple bed in with the rim and hub. So we do recommend to check spoke tension after a few rides or few hours of riding. If unsure how to properly tighten spokes, please visit your local trusted motorcycle shop or even a local bicycle shop. There are many Youtube videos on checking spoke tension on Sur-Rons or or on dirt bikes, and it's also much easier than truing a mountain bike wheel. It's also good practice to do a rapid spoke check up before each ride!


Check out this youtube video for review and tips to install