Luna E-Fusion Ebike Battery


 When you buy a Luna E-Fusion pack you are doing the right thing by buying a product made in the USA by a quality group of Americans who really love ebikes. You are promoting a progressive company dedicated to greatness as an american ebike manufacturer.  Luna is a breath of fresh air in what has been a stale and slow industry.

 Luna from the beginning has been a company always improving itself and its offerings. We are relentless and fast when it comes to innovation. We know that ebikes have been left in the dark ages for many years by ebike business who did not care.

For 2 years now Luna has been working toward the goal of releasing a state of the art battery pack which offers high performance, reliability, safety, and beautiful design, and break our dependence on buying cases and batteries from Asia which has been an ordeal. Summer of 2017 Luna released the E-Fusion line up of battery packs made in sunny California.

We continue to learn, improve and innovate our designs and validate our findings with real testing. We love ebikes and we hope it shows. 

Fit and Finish

Each battery case is custom made to fit your bike. Not all bikes frames are the same (every bike is a snowflake) and the craftsman at Luna do the necessary steps using the latest in technology to ensure a perfect fit. The integrated battery pack custom designed for the pack gives the Luna E-Fusion Ebike such a clean and mean look. You will not find a high performance ebike on the market with this kind of fit and finish for under 6k anywhere.  

 Advanced Mounting Systems

Luna first started on this Fusion project because we hated the existing mounts of chinese battery packs.  With the E-Fusion pack we use cleverly engineered magnetic mounts, velcro straps, or mechanical dove tail mounts depending on what is needed to fit a particular bike. 

The battery is easily removable so you can take it with you for charging, or swap out for another battery.  (bike buyers can buy multiple batteries).

*Note: If you need a particular mounting solution and are unsure how it works on the listing you are viewing please contact for details. Generally speaking, bikes with Wolf use magnetic mounts and potentially lockable reinforcement rails, bikes like Apex and Apollo mount with Allen keys, and classic custom Fusion packs use zipties or reusable metal cable ties.

Its whats on the inside that counts

Inside is the Luna battery pack even though when a pack is finished it is one piece and cannot be opened.  We use a potting compound to completely seal the case which makes it extremely element proof and collision proof.  The pack should not ever need opening since it is made to be rugged and robust.

USA made using the most advanced technologies available.

Engineered to be as safe and as reliable the  pack can be given the currently available technology

Uses Luna's Advanced 50 amp continuous BMS (long bursts of 80amps)


Its the outside that defines the E-Fusion



The fusion is by far the most beautiful Ebike battery every constructed and will define your ebike with its craftsmanship and artistry.

We use a combination of materials for different fusion packs to match each particular bike.  We use a myriad of materials, paint and artistry to make a pack that is not just a brick, a box or a round cylinder...but a piece of art. 

And because its fit perfectly to the frame we can fit the maximum size battery that the bike will ever hold. 

And we dont stop there... each case we include surprise flairs and features.  Each model of fusion pack will have special features to match the bike its built for.

We Use German made  Rosenberg Magnetic connectors for the ultimate in convenience, reliability and water resistance

Each pack is potted with the most advanced compound which makes the case and battery pack into one piece and this fusion is almost completely water proof, salt and fog safe, and collision proof.


Magnetic Charge Ports


The Luna Fusion packs feature German made Rosenberg charge connectors which are the the most advanced charge plugs for an ebike ever offered. Their clever design means super convenient and safe charger hook up even at night, and their unique design makes your pack even more waterproof.  Read this write up on Rosenburg connectors for more info. 

The Best Ingredients USA has to offer

Panasonic 18650  GA Cells are guaranteed authentic and A Grade bought from a USA supplier

German Made Rosenberg magnetic charge connectors

Xt-90 spark resistant connectors for the discharge

The Luna BMS made to Luna Spec to make your pack robust and safe.

The most advanced potting compound which surrounds every cell like a bullet proof  and waterproof epoxy.

The best battery case ever conceived, handmade with love in the USA


State of the art assembly in the USA

We utilize some of the most advanced equipment and techniques in the battery industry to insure the safest and most reliable pack.

CNC equipment here in the USA makes many custom components for each pack and aids in the final assembly.


Quality control is ensured at every step by Americans who care and believe in what we are building.  

Luna Cycles is a USA factory run by Americans who love ebikes and actually ride ebikes. That is a rare thing.


The Dolphin, Whale and Shark Killer

The Luna Fusion pack is ironically a killer of the packs luna made so popular, and even coined them with their popular fish names.  Luna will continue to sale Dolphins and Sharks for conversion bikes.



Each pack is charged and discharged twice  in our state of the art testing machines before being sent to the customer to ensure there are no flaws inside the pack.

We do a lot of real world testing as well with each new pack design.

Each Pack design is  also un38.3 tested here in the USA to ensure safety and reliable performance.

Un38.3 testing includes drop, vibration testing, shock,  high pressure testing. salt and fog testing. 

Good Ideals

Luna cycles is stepping up to be  a technological leader in the Ebike Game.  

We want to make fast and safe ebikes that look awesome and do not cost an arm and a leg.