Luna Vesc Install and Update Page

This page contains all the most current information on how to update your phone to work with your V2 controller. We will update regularly.

Our goal is to making updating as hassle free as possible. 


Here is a link to the most current edition of the Luna V2 Owners Manual



The most current Android phone app linked down below contains the most recent firmware file to write to your controller. 

To install or update the phone app on your android phone and most current firmware to your to be used on your android phone follow the instructions on this video.

Instruction Video



VESC Tool App

As of now you must upgrade to the most current app to run the most current firmware. 




Video Instructions for installing and using on your iphone are coming shortly. Here is a quick guide on what you will need to do:

  1. You need to first install the Luna Firmware on your V2 controller by using an Android phone or device using the above instructions. You might need to borrow an Android phone to complete this step but you will only need to do this one time and will only take 5 minutes.
  2. Once you have installed the latest firmware now you can install the VESC app from the apple store using this link.
  3. Once the VESC app is installed on your phone open the app, turn on your bike and connect to "VESC Builtin BLE
  4. Go out and ride! 

If you get an error 08 on your bikes stock display after completing this it means you did not do the configuration step...rerun this step by going to "config" settings:


Finally if you are having any problems or want to post any feedback or you just want to be part of our community of v2 users and also communicate directly with the developers of the v2... join our forum on and check out this section dedicated to m600 v2 users check out this page.