Warranty Options


We are an e-commerce company and a ebike manufacturer who do not use middle man and instead ship our bikes at drastically reduced prices direct to the customer.  We charge minimal markup because we do not offer face to face support.  Most of our sales are to enthusiasts and to builders who know what they want and don’t need a lot of assistance with the basics of ebike maintenance. You can use our forums and knowledge base to find the answer to almost any support question you have.

You are saving a lot of money by buying direct from the manufacturer, but it does have its drawbacks.  If you are the person who requires a lot of mechanical help and support we suggest you buy your ebike  from a local ebike shop.

Shipping a heavy electric bike is expensive, and if you buy your bike from us you will be required to do your own maintenance and repair work.

Our warranty does  cover all the  parts of our bikes to any manufacture defects but you must install the part yourself. Luckily most of the parts on the luna cycle bikes are easily interchangeable. We make our bikes modular so they are easily upgraded, and repaired. 

If you have a broken part it is easy to change that part and get a replacement part from us. 

Bikes are large and expensive to ship, and once you ride it it is used, and we do not offer any returns on your bike unless it is dead on arrival. If a bike has a minor cosmetic issue upon delivery like a scratch, please reach out so we can attempt to come to a reasonable resolution, but please note this is not grounds to return a bike.

For 30 days after you get the bike we will replace any parts that are defective.
These are just bicycles and are easy to maintain and to work on. We really encourage you to learn basic bicycle maintenance or get a relationship with a local bike shop.

The power system (motor, controller, display and battery) we will cover for 90 days for part replacement.  

We do have exclusions for normal wear components (such as bearings, seals, chain, brake components, suspension valving), as well as misuse or failure caused by damages due to accident, collisions, or neglect. Misuse also includes altering any wiring, or installing any non-genuine parts. 

Extended warranties are available for 6 months and 1 year for an added cost on some of our ebikes.  Extended Warranties covers any parts that are defective and we will send to you with instructions how to install. Warranty is not transferrable, and applies to the original purchaser only.

Since our drive systems are modular every repair is easy with the right part in hand.

That being said this a high quality bike with a high quality component system and should be as solid as any ebike. However you will be required to do routine adjustments and maintenance on your own. 

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