48v 18650 Ebike Battery Packs


48v 18650 Battery Packs

Our 18650 Ebike battery packs are perfect for any 48v ebike set up whether it be a kit, or a replacement ebike battery for a production bike.  Our 48v batteries are made up of 18650 cells and charge to a maximum of 54 volts.   Although our 52v batteries will work with 48 volt controllers (and provide 10 percent more power) 48v batteries do offer some advantages over 52 volt systems....

  • 48v Ebike battery will make your kit or ebike slightly  more reliable than with 52 battery (less power)
  • Your 48v battery gauge will be more accurate with a 48v Battery than with a 52v battery. 
  • Some kit / ebike sellers  will void your warranty if you use a 52v battery. 


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