18650 Ebike Battery Pack

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Which Battery Should I choose?

This really depends on the application and can be a hard question. The bigger (and more expensive) the battery is the longer your range....also the harder it is to fit in your bike. (space is an ebikers most valuable commodity.  Do your research if this is your first ebike kit to make sure you are getting the right battery for your needs. 

What cells are your battery packs made up of?

All our packs are made up of authentic Grade A 18650  battery cells made in Korea or Japan. We use either Panasonic or Samsung cells and only use the very best models of these brands. (read this story)

Why not buy my pack from China?

China does not make a quality 18650 cell, and many “name brand” cell packs coming from China are actually  made up  of clone cells or re-wraps.  Chinese rewrapped batteries not only have bad performance and do not last long...they are also potential fire hazards.

What is a BMS

Battery management system.  The circuit board that makes your ebike battery “smart”.  All of our packs have state of the art BMS to keep your pack safe.

How many volts should I choose?

Depending on your controller.   All 48v controllers can handle either 48v or 52v packs. If you have a 36 volt controller however you will need to upgrade it before you can run a 48 or 52v pack.

How many amps do I need?

Also depending on your ebike controller. However in the case of amps its not bad to have too many. The controller will only take what it needs.

How many amp hours do I need?

The  more amp hours your battery has the more range you have. Also the larger and heavier (and more expensive) your pack will be. (read this story on calculating range)