48v Standard Lithium Charger with Mini XLR


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  • Mini-XLR Male connector fits latest shark packs
  • For all 48 volt lithium batteries, charges to 54 volts
  • LED Indicators for vital information regarding your charge
  • Smart charger automatically shuts off when max voltage is reached
  • This charger takes 110-240V AC input, can be used with both USA and international outlets

Luna Cycles is offering this Chinese charger at a very reasonable $35 price. This is a standard charger that will work with most 48v shark packs that have the mini XLR plug. The plug can be swapped out to be used with any 48v battery pack that needs a charger.

2 or 3 amps is a reasonable charge power for most battery packs, and charging at this level will make sure you get a long life expectancy out of your pack (the slower you charge the better for your pack).


  • This charger will NOT work with any 52v pack
  • Older shark packs use barrel connectors rather than mini xlr. If in doubt check your battery or contact support.
  • Charger may look slightly different from picture depending on inventory