6 GA Arctic ULTRAFLEX Premier Single Conductor Wire PER FOOT

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  • Highly flexible with finely stranded tinned copper
  • Jacket that resists oil, gasoline, sunlight, saltwater and acids. 
  • High abrasion resistance for those who like to tuck and fold their wires. 
  • Class K fine stranded tinned copper
  • Sunlight and weather resistant. 
  • Flame retardant (VW-1)
  • Made in USA

A much coveted alternative to traditional silicone wrapped wire, the new ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX wire has high abrasion resistance and can also be used in most 600v applications.  UL Listed (AWM), and approved under NEC article 400, the new ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX is a great wire alternative for those looking for more rigidity and strength from daily use of their ebike machine. 

UL Listed and Flame Retardant, we strongly believe in using ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX wire for lengthening phase wires, battery leads, or even connecting your motor to your battery.  Please make sure to use the appropriate GA for your application.