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60 amp 36-72v Ebike Bluetooth Programmable Controller

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Product Description

  • 36 - 72v eBike Controller with easy Bluetooth Programming
  • Massive Power - Handles up to 60 amps
  • Plug and play for our Cyclone Kit
  • Can be used with any ebike brushless motor for those comfortable with wiring an ebike controller.
  • This controller is for advanced builders and comes with no documentation.


Luna Cycles is tired of seeing people overpay for high power Chinese ebike controllers.

This is a high power 60 amp controller that is small and is affordable. Other vendors sell 40 amp controllers for way too much.  Leave it to Luna to slash the price. 

We know the cyclone 60 amp controller is solid. Not only is this a plug in replacement for the Cyclone Kit, but also it can be used for any ebike brushless motor for those who familiar with wiring an ebike controller.

This controller is for advanced builders only, documentation is limited.

The motor needs to have hall sensors in order for this controller to work with it.

Many ebike motors that are rated for lower watts and may burn out on long hills if you pump 3000 watts through them for a long time.



 Note: Bluetooth: the password is "12345678" without it it won’t pair with your phone.

The video below shows how to connect an iOS device, connecting an Android device will be a similar process using the Andriod interface. 

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome Controller! Bought 2 need more!!!!

    Posted by Phil Baker on Feb 16th 2017

    Plug and Play for the 3000 watt Cyclone Mid Drive.
    Works great on other motors once you figure out the hall sensor connector.
    Display configuration options would be nice for the app.

  2. Really smooth throttle now!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2016

    I really like the power increase but it might be a little too is showing over 6000 watts and I can't get bluetooth to connect...are there wires to connect to activate the bluetooth on the controller? Anyway it is a good investment!

  3. More power, still pretty cheap

    Posted by Remi on Aug 24th 2016

    First of I'd like to save you some time by publishing the password for the Bluetooth pairing : "12345678". The iPhone app is called Emotor, you can download it and have a look at it. The most interesting part is the settings where you can calibrate a bunch of stuff. It's pretty basic but once you have the right password it works flawlessly. To be honest the Bluetooth feature is not going change the way you ride your eBike and I am glad the controller works without the Bluetooth module connected because it does not appear to be waterproof. The 60amp controller is what I was looking for : more torque ! If your BMS is ready for delivering 60amp continuously that is a 50% increase over the stock 40 amp controller. But be aware that it is starting to be too much, up to the point that my rear freehub can't handle the torque.
    Again thanks Luna Cycle for bringing great products to the US market at the right price.
    Ride on !