American style eccentric BB to BSA adapter

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For use with BBSHD or BBS02, likely other mid drives as well (possibly not latest cyclone due to needing BSA threading)

Turns your American style Eccentric bottom bracket into standard BSA

Price is for a set, enough to do one mid drive installation (or conversion to BSA standard for any other purpose)

These adapters were produced by request due to popular demand for a solution allowing the ability to mount mid drive motors onto American bottom brackets, sometimes referred to as Ashtabula BB.


See this link for more info on Ashtabula

Installation note: When measuring to pick out your motor with this adapter on your BB shell please measure the total width including any width the adapter adds. So if it adds a couple millimeters on each side take that into account. For a BBSHD this is less of an issue than BBS02.

Dimensions: This should slide into the frame itself for the most part so the adapter should not add significant width to the BB shell. The adapter itself is ~10mm (all of which goes into the shell) with a ~1mm lip.

Looking for a Niner Eccentric BB Adapter? This size is a bit different. See this link