Bafang BBS02 750W 48v Upgraded Controller 3077

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  • Bafang replacement controller for the BBS02A BBS02B and E-Rad
  • Easily user replaceable with only a few bolts a 15-30 minute job
  • Version A does not have a gear sensor cable, Version B does have a gear sensor cable.
  • Factory installed upgraded 3077 mosfets makes this much cooler running and able to handle power spikes than the original non upgraded controllers
  • Factory Programmed for a peak output of 25amps 
  • Lunacycle custom programmed with 'Hot Rod' settings
  • Comes with bullet connectors
  • You will be able to use a throttle only mode in PAS0 unlike inexpensive units purchased directly from China and not custom program

Please note that there are two versions of the BBS02 and 2 versions of this controller.  If you got your BBS02 in 2015 or earlier, you probably have the A version.

The B version are for newer units. IF you bought your BBS02 from 2015 or earlier you may need the version A. (PLEASE VERIFY BY LOOKING AT PICS)

If you are replacing the controller on an E-rad 750w  or a bbs01 version A is what you need.

If you got your drive from Luna Cycle if you have an engraved logo on the side of your drive you need the B version.

If you want your firmware to allow you to apply as much throttle as you want regardless of your pedal speed, this controller is good insurance your set up will be able to deal with whatever power you dish out.

Installing the new controller is an easy job that any person with basic mechanical skills and standard tools should be able to do in less than 30 minutes. Please see our install video.

Read this guide on the different ways this firmware can be programmed on this beefed up controller. (Click here for programming guide)

If your BBS02 does not work it's not necessarily the controller that is bad, you could have also damaged the nylon gear or melted the windings. For a complete troubleshooting guide for the BBS02 (click here for troubleshooting guide).