Bafang BBS02 750w Bare Bones Kit

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  • BBS02 Motor and controller only (Bare Bones)
  • Perfect for a BBS01 or BBS02 owner who wants a brand new unit and has purchased one and has all the accessories (display, ebrakes, crankarms, cables & speedo).
  • Upgraded controller with extra beefy 3077 Mosfets to handle extra power
  • We offer a FREE programming of your firmware setting to turn your Bafang BBS02 into a hot rod
  • Affordable and powerful mid drive conversion kit
  • Capable of wattages of up to 1250 watts
  • 25 amp upgraded Mosfets controller  (up to 1300 watt with 52 volt battery)
  • Latest controller with Gear Sensor connecting cable

This is for someone who wants a replacement motor and controller for the BBS02.  Get a fresh start.  Will work with the accessories from a BBS01, BBS02, or even a BBSHD. 

If you need to add parts they can be found here. 

This controller does have the gear sensor connector hook up, so this drive assembly can be used as drop in replacement for any bbs02 motor that has this.

This is bare bones motor and controller ONLY. 

If you have a BBS01, BBS02 and have damaged or destroyed your drive unit this is a way to replace the unit and reuse all your existing parts.

If you have a BBS01 or BBS02 500W unit this is a great way to upgrade your power for less money than buying a whole new drive unit. The BBS02 500W has different internals than the 750 BBS02 and if you just swap out the controller with a 25Amp controller on a 500W BBS02 it is likely that it will cause the drive unit to fail.

 Please note if you select the optional spacer kit add-on the included chainring spacer is for BBSHD, everything else included is compatible with this bare motor.