Bafang BBS02 ChainRing 44, 46, 48 or 52 tooth

Bafang BBS02 ChainRing 44, 46, 48 or 52 tooth

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Replacement chainwheel for your Bafang BBS01 or BBS02. Replacement sprockets in either 44, 46, 48, and 52 teeth. 

52 tooth gives you super high gearing for high speed (recommended for on road use only)

48 tooth is right in between and is the standard chainwheel that Bafang ships the units with

46 tooth sprocket give you better hill climbing ability (great for off road)

44 tooth sprocket is best for big 29er wheels and steep hills

Unless you want maximum top speed we recommend the 44T for better torque and greater longevity from your drive unit.

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steve sheller Feb 6th 2019

PLease list offset in chainring specs.

I understand DIY, but is crazy to have to search multiple forums for offset info. I need smallest (42t) ring for BBSHD w/ 25mm offset. Eclipse would work. PLEASE LUNA get these back into production ASAP. If anyone has alternate solution or product, please post it here. thanks

Viacheslav Jul 3rd 2018

Bafang BBS02 ChainRing 46

Hi. Tell me please, what is the displacement of the center of the star relative to the edge, I have a standard size of 9mm, I need to 20 mm. Thank you. Bafang BBS02 ChainRing 44, 46, 48 or 52 tooth

Hi for a larger amount of offset than stock please use one of the aftermarket chainrings, for example the lekkie bling ring

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