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Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit

$899.95 $679.00
(You save $220.95)

Product Description

  • The most powerful and reliable Mid Drive Kit on the market
  • Includes Luna's exclusive free spacer kit for easier installation
  • Complete redesign of the BBS02 series for more power
  • 1600 watts of peak power (in off road mode)
  • No technical knowledge necessary to install
  • Water resistant

video-icon.png Watch Luna BBSHD Installation Video Here

manuals-icon.png Read Luna BBSHD Manual Here

manuals-icon.png Read Mid Drive Kit Install:  PART 1  -  PART 2  -  PART 3




Tons of of build reports on different bikes HERE
Watch the Luna BB Installation video HERE
Watch the BBSHD uphill ride video HERE
Watch the unboxing video HERE
Watch our video on how to re-program your 965 display to get 9 levels of pedal assist HERE

 Luna Cycle is the worlds premier BBSHD dealer and do our best to offer the best options and support on this equipment.




The BBSHD is a complete redesign of the extremely popular mid drive the BBS02, every part is stronger and better. The BBSHD put out 150nm of force so much torque that you can stay in one gear and not shift as much as you would in the smaller drive.

This kit is for bottom bracket sizes of the most common sizes 68mm and 120mm (fat bike). Other BB sizes can be made to fit with our spacer kit. Read up about dealing with intrusive chainstays (article on fitting here)

The BBSHD heralds a new age of factory installed mid-drives. Unlike most other factory mid drives the BBSHD is designed to be mounted onto almost any bicycle currently manufactured. You can mate the BBSHD to any bike with a bottom bracket that is anywhere from 68mm to a much wider 100mm fat bike. The BBSHD is even now made in odd sizes (72mm & 120mm), including extra fat. We include with every kit so that you can make your BBSHD fit for almost any bottom bracket. If in doubt order the next size up....and our spacers will help you make the kit fit.

Install it on anything and ride it anywhere. With the proper gearing the BBSHD will easily climb stairs, go well over 30mph on the flats and much, much faster down hills. Singletrack trail-riding, cargo bikes, high-speed commuters the BBSHD can do it all.

The BBSHD excels at singletrack riding (article on singletrack testing here) as well as soft sand (article on soft sand testing) and works best with the Lunacycle Eclipse ring (independently reviewed here) or the Mighty-Mini chainring (available here). The stock 46T steel chainring on this kit is very heavy and has too many teeth for trailriding, although it works fine for commuting.

Its predecessor the BBS02 would sometimes falter if run at peak power for too long of a time but those days are over with the BBSHD. Completely redesigned with thicker windings, giant heat dissipating fins and a powerful 12 FET controller. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Go ahead, beat on it, the BBSHD was designed to take all of your abuse and more.

We are proud to be the first dealer in the world to have this drive in stock. We are shipping it with the controller hot rod programmed so not only can you get pedal assist when you want you can also get full throttle when you want it.


Regarding the BBSHD and  Legal Street Use

Our drives come programmed for 750w. You can choose to have us program it with our hot rod settings if its for off road use on private property such as for  a hunting vehicle or pit bike.

This  drive is capable of 1500 watts in the right power settings. 

If you do choose 1500 watt model, we suggest you also buy a   programming cable so that you can change the firmware back to make it legal for street use.


Which Bike?

The Bafang drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailler if you have one. 

The  BBSHD can be mounted in a wide range of bottom brackets from 68mm to 120mm. To pick which motor works right for you: please see this guide.  For most applications you need the standard size (68mm), and can even go a few millimeters over the usual limit of 73mm with standard by using loctite on the axle instead of the second lockring.

Our BBSHD kits come with one spacer kit good for 10mm total, if using a 100mm fatbike motor on a regular bike (73mm) some additional spacers may be needed and can be bought here. (If possible we recommend using the correct motor for your bike for the best possible chainline in order to prevent chain derailment)

Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.


Maybe you have an old donor bike laying around you want to convert, or maybe you are wide open to which bike to buy and install this kit on.

If you are also shopping for a bike to install this kit, that is perfect. We recommend you pick a bike that is known to be compatible with this drive and has no known issues. Ideally a build report has been written on our builder forum so that you can follow step by step someone elses building steps.

Here is a post on our builders forum  with a collection of build reports you can scroll through. 

Looking for documentation? Click the Q & A tab on this page (Highly recommended to do so)

How to pick out a BBSHD kit for your ebike build



Which Options?

Here is some help picking which options you have available during check out.


Battery Choices

This is a 30amp Kit and includes everything you need to install the kit on most bikes except for battery (which you can add at discounted price) all the batteries listed in the add as add ons are excellent choices for this kit.  We have picked our most popular batteries as kit options and have made them available at a discounted price.

However you are not stuck to just these choices. 

All of our 48v (see here) and 52v (see here) batteries are compatible with this kit as well if your looking for something larger in capacity. (more amp hours = larger size and farther range) We especially recommend any battery made with Panasonic PF or GA cells for the best fit for performance and range. 


Display (dashboard Options)

The displays are the control center and the thing to most understand is they all display the same information (watts, battery indicator, speed, miles traveled, etc) so in essence just pick the display that you like the look of the most, since they all have the same basic functions. 


965- Standard display and recommend if you dont have a strong preference for something else.

DPC-14 A full color display (read more here)  that is a $45 upgrade option. If you want the fanciest best looking display this is it.

963- the smallest most discreet display...mounts by the throttle. A cult favorite. $40 upgrade price.

961 - The bafang default display that is not fancy but works perfect.

The Gearsensor

The Gearsensor is a $40  add on accessory that automatically senses you shifting when you change gears and cuts the motors power for a fraction of a second resulting in a smooth shift.  Now with optional Gear Sensor...get almost the same BBSHD kit  as some sale branded the "E-rad"  at a greatly reduced price.   This kit will come with an extra connector so you can add the gear sensor now or later without losing your e-brakes. We highly recommend the gear sensor upgrade which will give you butter smooth shifting. 

Here is a link to the install guide on the Gear Sensor. This gear sensor is very popular option because before luna, only a few sellers were able to sale this and sold it at a huge mark up. 


eBrake  Options

The Bafang has the option of connecting with your bicycle brakes and automatically cutting off power when the brake is tapped.

The kit will work with or without the brake sensors plugged in.

The Bafang kit comes stock with new brake handles that can replace your existing brake handles.

You also have the option of getting magnet sensors which allows you to adapt your existing brakes.  This will help with users who have hydraulic brakes the sensors are not compatible with. 

You can also choose to go with a brand new set of hydraulic ebrakes with the sensors built in. 


Chain Ring Options

The Bafang comes stock with a 46 tooth chain ring option which works great, but is heavy and some consider it ugly.

You can upgrade chain rings to something with a smaller tooth count which will  give you lower gearing and a few less mph of top speed but much more torque. Also the Upgrade chainrings are lightweight aluminum and look "blingy"

There are a number of different chain ring options which can get confusing.

If you want an easy choice, we recommend the Luna 42 tooth aluminum chain ring.... it looks better and is lighter than stock with lower gear ratio, but is only $40 option....Read more about it here.  This ring you can interchange to a bigger gear like in the picture  you can go from 42 to 52 tooth for road speed freaks. 

For more bling you can go with the Luna Eclipse (usually back stocked) or the Lekkie 42 tooth....both awesome but more expensive options.

The Luna Mighty mini is excellent for off roaders and turns the BBSHD into an off road monster, while loosing only about 4 mph in top speed. We also highly recommend this option. 

All these chainrings have different offsets which effects your chain line which can cause you to lose a few gears when shifting.   When you upgrade chain rings we throw in the stock chain ring as well so that you can try both.

In reality its something you should not worry to much about... most chainrings will be compatible with most bikes.  Usually when there is a compatibility issue it is with a fat bike. Since when you go with an upgrade chain ring, you will also get the stock ring, you will have back up in the off chance you do have compatibility problems. For the chainring with the best offset and therefore the best chainline go with Eclipse, this will be most likely to let you use all the gears.

Watch our video on different chain rings

More information on chain ring selection

Here is a link to an independent review of the Luna Eclipse chainring.

Programming Cable option

The Bafang has many setting which will effect the way the power comes on especially in pedals assist mode. We highly recommend this $20 option because it will allow you to customize in the future.

Their are many great programming guides available on the bbshd online. 

Pick your Bottom Bracket Size

The BBSHD comes in sizes made to fit the size of your bottom bracket. Please measure your bottom bracket before ordering. We have both in standard sizes (68-73mm), wide and fat sizes (74-100mm) and extra fat (100-120mm)

If in doubt about your sizing read this guide. If your bottom bracket shell is slightly longer than usual (for example 75mm) You can still use the standard motor. At worst you would just not use the second lockring which just acts as a jam nut and instead use blue Loctite. Same thing if your motor is a few mm above 100, you would NOT need the extra fat motor. You often can make a larger motor work with spacers but you do not need to go up a size if it is only a few millimeters difference.  

Luna provides an exclusive spacer kit, which gives you up to 12mm of adjustment so that you can size your drive down in case it doesn't fit right away.


Throttle options

If you are not sure about this one... pick the universal thumb throttle Thumb throttles are the safest and fit all bikes.


If you like motorcycle twist throttle, our custom Luna throttles are awesome.


Luna Install Tool option

There are some proprietary nuts on the bottom bracket of the BBSHD that can be a little tricky to install without the right tool (still very easy to jerry rig something)


However the Luna install wrench was made to make this task a snap and make taking on and off your drive easier in the future. 


This is a $20 option.  Luna manufactures  this kit in their shop, and makes it affordable...the bafang install kit would cost anywhere from $65-$150 depending on which dealer you bought it from. 





 Question and answers


Here is a compilation of common questions we get with answers. If you dont find the answer you need please post it to our forums here.

Is there any difference of the BBSHD sold from the different sellers?

There are small differences in the program settings the dealers decide to program into the BBSHD or what power connectors they use...but for the most part the BBSHD is the same from all sellers. China sellers are selling them with stock program setting from Bafang which makes the drive much more slugish and slow.


How do i program my own BBSHD and what do i need to do it?

All you need is our $20 programming cable and then read this programming guide.... its easier than you think.


Why should i buy from you guys instead of some china Seller?

Our price is the same if not lower than most china sellers,. We are a USA company and can provide USA after sales support which China cant offer because of how far away they are. It costs 100 dollars to send a BBSHD back to China.


What is the top speed I will get out of my BBSHD?

From our experience the top speeds we see is 30mph.  With high gearing and hard pedaling you can get a bit more...but the drive is not geared high enough for much beyond 30mph. 


What is the difference of the BBS02 vs BBSHD? Which one do you recommend?

The bbshd is completely redesigned and is a much more robust drive that is more efficient and more dependable. You do not need to shift as much with the torque the bbshd offers and can even run a bbshd single speed, which would  be unheard of on a bbs02.  The bbs02 weighs 3 pounds less and is around 150 dollars less.  We think the BBSHD is worth the extra price and pounds.


Which display do you recommend for the BBSHD?

The color DPC14 is by far the best display offering...the latest and greatest.  Read an independent review. 


How do I order the right BBSHD kit that fits my bike?

Read this guide.


Which bike should i select as a donor bike?  

We highly recommend you pick a bike that someone has already done a build on...that way your build will have no surprises or compatibility issues. Look at this section in our forum for a compilation of builds reports. Any one of these frame kits with documented build reports would be a great choice. 


Can i fit the BBSHD with a modern press fit bottom bracket system?

Yes but you will need to purchase a converter. Read this guide or this article from Empowered.


Additional links and useful information:



Product Reviews

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  1. It turned my bike into a useful tool...

    Posted by Joe MTB on Nov 3rd 2017

    Bought this kit for an older Trek 4300 MTB 26er.

    Switched to Schwab tires from the original knobbies when it was time for new tires. Added some commuter accessories like fenders, rear rack, blinky lights and comfortable grips so I could arrive at places like work in presentable condition.

    Have run the bike ~30 miles with the 48V/14A Pansonic Carbon Shark battery and the BBSHD kit.

    Honestly I don't know how far it will go beyond that but the battery wasn't flat. I generally run the battery from 80% - ~55% charge in an effort not to age the batteries too much.

    I mostly use PAS level 1 but I boost it to 2 or 3 for hills. I have the thumb throttle too which is useful.

    Riding this bike has been a real joy in my hilly part of the country. I feel that it has increased my safety by minimizing the amount of time I spend on no shoulder, no sidewalk road hills.

    I'm mostly rolling along at 15-20 mph now setting my pace to maximize my battery range (steepest uphill is close to home).

    I'm using the stock 46 tooth front Bafang sprocket so I don't run out of gearing at higher speeds.

    For assembly I referred to YouTube videos and various build threads on electric bike forums. I had to learn a few things about the details. If I built a second one it would be very easy.

    I also purchased the gear shift sensor. Big advantage and worthwhile for when I loan the bike to an interested person who wants to ride my bike as their first ebike experience. I also added the brake sensors.

    This past work week I rode past the 600 mile mark with nary a problem with the kit. This weekend I'll do the maintenance the bike needs (rear deraileur adjustment, retrue the rear wheel, new brake pads, and a general cleaning).

    Whatever bike you choose for the kit - if it is not new - get the maintenance done so once the kit is completely installed, you are ready to ride. It spoils the fun and keeps you home while you sort out the bike itself.

  2. Recent install

    Posted by amalialo11 on Aug 24th 2017

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  3. Best system for the money

    Posted by ALEN KOLENOVIC on Aug 5th 2017

    I bought the BBSHD kit from Luna cycle few weeks ago and i'm very impressed with it.
    Previously I was riding Bionx dv 350 and I can tell you that I like much better BBSHD.

  4. Love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2017

    I purchase the 120mm version in March 2017 and installed this unit on a Motobecane Titanium Night Train Bullet fat bike. In four months I have put 2000 miles on this kit without any issues. I am running it with a 13.5 ah GA shark battery. 85% of my riding is on bike paths and 15% single track. I use it to supplement my riding instead of replace my own power as such, I average between 4 and 15 watt/hrs per mile. When riding I have a big smile on my face. Please do not feel sorry for me as I don't feel at all cheated as you might suggest.

    I have it programed for nine levels. The first three levels are mountain single track specific. The first eight levels are programed legal. The ninth level is what I call turbo and is unrestrained in PAS. I do not use a throttle.

  5. Swedish user: Super fun, FAT BIKE

    Posted by Jimmy Sundberg on Jun 28th 2017

    First of all, I bought the wrong BB size! My fatbike's BB is 100mm but for the bracket screws its total of 120mm. I did not know that was where I had to measure, but luckily enough I just fits without the outer aluminium screw. The reason why I dont send it back is because it took me 11 weeks to get it, but that was because the battery has to go on a freighter.

    I have mineral oil brakes (TEKTRO HDC330) and the senors is realy tricky to get working but you realy dont need them, since if you wanna do burnouts you want the motor to run as you hold the front brake.

    The gearsenor is to short... this realy sucks so I cant have Assistmode on while I shift gears unless I use the "parking" mode (holding the "-"button). I think you can add an extended cable to fix this issue.

    I got the "Hot Rod program"
    I've maxed out 69-70km/h (41mph) but when I ride "normal" i go 40-50kmh ( 23-29mph).
    I use a 52V, 24Ah battery and it will run about 80-90km (47-53miles) at 40kmh speeds.
    It will probably go about half as long if you go over 50. I weigh 79kg (174lbs).

    I can do burnouts on my first and second gear (10) if I run on gravel.
    I can do wheelies without pedaling on the lower gears too.

  6. Excellent Mid-Drive Kit (even for bicycle newbies)

    Posted by Stephanie on Jun 24th 2017

    Hello everyone,
    I am Steve and I am quite the newbie to any type of bicycle maintenance and bicycles in general. I unfortunately made the stupid mistake of driving drunk, so, here I am, on a bicycle. With a BBSHD :)
    I was a bit overwhelmed with the install at first as I had never even changed a brake pad on a bicycle, ever. However, through quite a bit of research and trial and error, I was able to do this all by myself with a simple bike display stand in my living room in my apartment. The motor is absolutely fantastic and have just driven it VERY hard my first day for ~10 miles or so with a 52V Dolphin Battery 11.5ah. My bike is: 2016 DiamondBack Insight ST (~$400, cheap bike) with 700c tires pumped up to 70psi. I have topped out at 38mph with a 42T Luna Chainring on a slight downhill, gear limited of course. This bicycle is the answer for me. I could easily get my license back, but I see no reason to, to be completely honest. I live less than a mile to work so this thing is overpowering if anything, but is hell of a lot of fun. The only thing stopping me from flying around town some more today is the battery was low :)
    Get this mid-drive, it is very worth it, and just remember, it will take 10-20 more amps (its 30a stock for reliability) if you really wanted it to be even faster.

  7. Unboxing of kit for Madsen Bucket Bike

    Posted by Caleb Clark on May 30th 2017

    Not really a review, but an unboxing of the kit. So far, five starts for the kit, parts all there and look very high quality. I've got the motor on but not wired up, will post more: Unboxing Video at:

  8. Far beyond my expectations

    Posted by Jason-Auburn C.A. on May 22nd 2017

    I planned on ordering my kit, and the same day i stopped in to my LBS to discuss with them some details. It turns out he has a buisness relationship with luna and so we ordered my kit then and there. I had the same shop do my
    Mid-drive installation and it turned out sweet people. I am loving my 48v 17.5 ah battery. For me the rang and power are excellent. Thanks LunaCycle. Thank you my LBS in Auburn C.A.

  9. Good....

    Posted by Michael T on May 19th 2017

    This has its merits, so does the hub. I'm OK with the item, it's well suited for a 7S FS frame. It has lots of power. I'm even considering this for a fat stretch cruiser with a 52T chainring a a 5 speed STURMEY-ARCHER hub, low and fassssst.

  10. Great Mid Drive!

    Posted by mike on Jan 20th 2017

    So far so Awesome! I love it! Everything was plug n play. Just a little wiring to get the motor n battery connected. I myself, love putting it all together. I haven't put that many miles on it yet. But i am pretty amazed at the range i get on the 13.5AH carbon shark battery pack. 25 miles easily when in assist mode. I'm looking forward to a nice leisurely ride to work, once the weather warms up. Its about 8 miles each way. Perfect for my setup. Comfortably cruises at 20-25 mph. A little expensive, a little heavy, but all in all. I'm a HAPPY customer.

  11. Just Buy One!

    Posted by Brooke Barlow on Nov 18th 2016

    Wow. Just Wow. Been a bike tinkerer for years, but a broken back left me unable to ride hard on trail like I used to. The BBSHD paired with a 52v shark pack was a super easy install(use rivnuts to mount battery...waay too easy). A lekkie solved my chain line problems. So happy I decided to build this ebike. Started with a 2004 Weyless XP....5 inches of plush Fox travel in the front and rear. Gear sensor and hydraulic brake sensors work as advertised. 35.5 mph(gps speed) on flat road with 42 tooth chainring....41.4 mph with 46 tooth chainring.'s a little too fast. Wish the stock display was accurate with 52v battery, but It's not a deal breaker. Just buy one and install it already. You will love it! Thanks Luna!

  12. Awesome kit for E-Trike Conversion

    Posted by David Shawver on Oct 26th 2016

    Purchased my 1000W BBSHD, 42T Chain Ring, color display, install tools and 52 Volt 20AH Panasonic battery pack from Luna Cycle. I converted a recumbent 2016 Terratrike Rambler to an E-Trike. It was a great learning experience for a first time electric trike builder. I did have to order extension cables for the speed sensor and display and make up a battery extension cable. Used XT90 connectors. Created a custom aluminum battery cradle that hangs from the frame on the back of the seat. Leaving the cargo rack for a pet carrier or cargo. I charged the battery upon receipt. We have since driven the trike almost 45 miles almost completely on electric power. Have obtained speeds of about 30MPH on the flats. When the battery voltage showed 51 volts I put it back on the charger for a refresh that took about 4 hours at 3 amps. It's been a lot of fun and Luna Cycle has been quick to respond to all support questions. They quickly replaced a defective programming cable.

  13. Incredible!

    Posted by brian legate on Oct 15th 2016

    I selected the BBSHD based on its reputation of being reliable. I mounted this to a 1989 Mnt Bike and couldn't be happier. I mainly ride on the road. The quality if top notch and the mounting wasn't difficult to do at all. I hope to get many years of use out of this unit.

  14. First build

    Posted by Peter Sullivan on Oct 6th 2016

    Awsome kit watched a lot of u tube videos and then dove in and had no problems. I have a buddy who manages my LBS so he set up the chain line with the mini ring. The only challenging part of the build was the brake cut off switch but after a lot of studying and head scratching I was able to get them to work with my Formula hydro brakes. My buds are excited fo me because of a recent heart condition I no longer could ride with them. Now they asked me not to kill there KOMS.

  15. Living the dream

    Posted by Adan on Oct 4th 2016

    I rushed a little bit when ordering (I was excited, can ya blame me?) and made some mistakes as a result. But Luna customer service has been super helpful (thanks especially to Seb!) working to clarify things for me. The dust has settled now and I've got a really great electric bike... and I'm living the dream: Since completing the conversion project I've bike commuted almost every day. That little end-of-the-day-wah-wah-I'm-tired resistance is gone: I know the bike is going to help me get home regardless. I still pedal, I keep the assist level low, and I feel more fit despite the assist. It's all a very good thing.

    Do take note of all the advice and information provided on the product pages, in the reviews here, on the forums, etc. They aren't kidding: there's some level of expectation that this is a DIY endeavor, and while they've tried to hold our hands a bit... they've also given us a bit of homework to do. It's the double edged sword of having lots of options as part of these kits. Take the time, read, read some more, measure your bike, measure chain alignment... and you'll be more likely to get it right first try, rather than needing a bit of help like I did!

    Have fun, be safe.

  16. BBSHD Mid-fat eBike Build

    Posted by Esteeves on Sep 28th 2016

    This was a budget build from day one so I did quite a bit of research before ordering the BBSHD kit including reading numerous installation forums/blogs and product reviews, as well as watching all of the YouTube videos I could find. I was pretty aware of some of the common concerns/issues with the BBSHD kit and was prepared to deal with them if they came up. This was my second ebike build, the first was a 48-volt front wheel hub motor kit from Amazon. It did not have the hill climbing power that I was looking (I live in a pretty hilly area) for so I started planning to build a mid-drive ebike.
    Here is what I ordered from Luna:

    Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit:
    - Bottom Bracket Size: 68-73mm (Standard)
    - Luna Mighty Mini 30T Chain Ring: Anodized Black
    - Display Options: Luna Full Color Display
    - Throttle Choices: Bafang BBSxx Universal Thumb Throttle
    - Bafang Handles with Built-in Ebrake cut off
    - Luna Wrench

    Frame Choice:
    Mongoose Terrex 27.5” Mid-Fat tire bike

    I didn’t have the budget for one of Luna’s killer battery packs so I built a few different battery packs for this project myself:
    1. 48v 9ah SLA battery pack (built two of these – heavy but very cost effective)
    2. 48v 6ah Lithium 18650 battery pack w/BMS (13s4p) – DIY from used laptop batteries
    3. 48v 12ah Lithium 18650 battery pack w/BMS (13s8p) - DIY from used laptop batteries

    Installation Comments:
    Installation was very straight forward. I kept an iPad on the workbench and followed the Luna installation videos through the entire process. The most difficult part was removing the stock Bottom Bracket from the bike prior to installing the BBSHD unit (Not in any way Luna’s fault, 100% attributable to the bike I selected). Even with the correct tool it still took a good 30 minutes to get it out.
    BBSHD wiring and cable mgmt. was very simple to install and the whole installation process after the bottom bracket removal took about an hour to complete. All of the plugs and wires were very intuitive with plenty of length to accommodate nearly any frame. Used quite a few black zip ties to anchor everything down but was very pleased about the appearance of the final product.

    Overall… hands down no BS, this motor is truly a thing of beauty. It runs almost completely silent and has seemingly limitless torque. Throttle response and acceleration are curved wonderfully so starts and accelerations are very smooth. I specifically ordered the Luna Mighty Mini 30T Chain Ring seeking climbing power over top-end speed. After numerous attempts to challenge this ebike I have discovered that I can climb any hill in my area at approx. 16mph regardless of the grade (and some are very steep). I also top out around 28 mph on flat ground which is plenty fast enough for me. This is exactly the performance that I wanted and I am so happy with how this ebike turned out. I also really love the Luna Full Color Display and get great info on power (watts/amps) as well as your typical speed/distance. Would highly recommend this display to anyone ordering the BBSHD kit as it’s a minimal charge for what you get in return.

    Like many others who ordered the BBSHD kit the stock Bafang crank arms didn’t last two days before loosening. Some people have had luck with them and others not so much… On installation (having worked on bikes since I was a kid) I know they were properly installed, torqued, etc. Tightening them would only last a few minutes before they would wiggle loose again. Just riding around the block was enough for them to almost fall off the bike (especially the left pedal). On visual inspection you could clearly see that the metal was exceedingly soft and the square sockets on both crank arms had rounded off in many areas/corners. I tried Loctite (Red) as a last resort (a suggestion from an online forum) but it couldn’t hold them on either.
    I was well aware of this problem when I ordered the BBSHD kit so I quickly ordered these Shimano Crank Arms ( that were recommended in another BBSHD forum and had them shipped over from Germany. They are rock solid and have had no issues in about a week of heavy riding.
    Would recommend Luna take a look at the crank arms included in the kit. This is a well-known issue and at the BBSHD price point I think that some buyers might get upset about having to order replacement crank arms right after completing their builds.

    So why 5 stars? – It’s really all about the motor. Yes, there were issues with the crank arms, but I had read about that prior to my builds so there were really no surprises there. I know that to some putting a BBSHD on a Walmart mountain bike probably doesn’t make sense. But hot damn this thing is a blast to ride, gets a lot of looks and questions, and is pretty much unstoppable. I am very pleased with how it turned out and might be building some for a few friends & family in the near future.

  17. Amazing Kit! See my BBSHD YouTube Video if you're on the fence!! You'll love it!

    Posted by Matt from TailHappyTV on Sep 26th 2016

    I LOVE this BBSHD kit! You can see my BBSHD custom electric bike video on youtube!:

    It has great torque and it goes as fast as I'd every want to go!

    I also recently installed a 30t chain ring and it is a huge improvement for my particular bike (new video on this coming soon) With the 30t chain ring the BBSHD puts out enough torque to the rear wheel to literally flip the bike over backwards if you goose the throttle! It's a blast!

    If I had to do it again I'd get a a 20ah battery instead of the 11.5ah PF battery I got. The 11.5ah is great, and more than enough to cover 30+ miles cruising, but i'd be nice to be able to floor it for an hour or longer without having to think about battery life :).

    Hope this helps you make a purchasing decision, you'll love it!

  18. Everything I Hoped For and More

    Posted by Mark Rowell on Sep 6th 2016

    Everything you need to convert your bike is in the kit. First, tune your bike or have it tuned professionally, especially confirm your brakes work well. You will need them. Make sure your rear shifting is smooth and responsive especially if you opt not to use the shift kit. Just plan on shifting one gear at a time and do not pedal while shifting. Tapping the brake immediately before shifting works too. I recommend getting the Luna spanner wrench as my Park Tool spanner wrench was not a good fit to tighten down the motor to the bottom bracket. Take your time with the installation. This is supposed to be fun. If not fun, have someone else do it for you. I rated the kit five stars because after I took the time to install correctly, there was nothing else to do but hold on tight to the handlebars and go faster on a bicycle than I've ever dreamed possible. The motor pinched the rear derailluer cable as it headed down the down tube and around the bottom bracket. I read on an online forum to just use a piece of cable housing about 4 inches long to make the turn. So read the forums if any question comes up. There is usually an elegant solution. Make sure your motor is tightened down well. Blue Lok-Tite helps keep it in place without loosening up. Don't forget to buy some small to medium size zip ties to tidy up the wiring. Get the 52v battery. My bike now is my rocket ship to the stars!

  19. BBSHD Kit Rock!!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2016

    This kit is absolutely amazing! I had never built an ebike before receiving this kit. There are only 2 shortcomings IMO: The lack of exhaustive detailed step by step instructions. Even the videos do not explain every single detail of building the kit and leave the builder to figure some of it out on their own. Secondly, the lack of an illustrated parts list written in English.

    I'm currently over 240 lbs and the motor easily gets me up to 30 miles per hour. The Luna Full Color Display allows easy programming of things that do not require a programming cable.

    When choosing options I cannot recommend purchasing the Luna Wrench, because IMO it is overpriced for the quality of the tool by about double - the concept of the tool is good the quality of the machining of the tool is not. My recommendation is the spend the extra $5 and get the Bafang installation tool.

  20. Luna BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit 68 Version

    Posted by Kent on Aug 19th 2016

    Pairs well with my Ellsworth Epiphany SST2 medium frame. Did not need the extra spacers with the Luna 42 tooth low cost front gear and Shimano XTR 9 speed 11-34T rear gears, although offset is optimal when using the Luna Eclipse gear and optional spacer. BBSHD 1000W gets me 30MPH on flats using 11T in rear, and plenty of uphill power when using 34T.

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