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Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit

$899.95 $679.00
(You save $220.95)

Product Description

  • The most powerful and reliable Mid Drive Kit on the market
  • Includes Luna's exclusive free spacer kit for easier installation
  • Complete redesign of the BBS02 series for more power
  • 1600 watts of peak power (in off road mode)
  • No technical knowledge necessary to install
  • Water resistant

video-icon.png Watch Luna BBSHD Installation Video Here

manuals-icon.png Read Luna BBSHD Manual Here

manuals-icon.png Read Mid Drive Kit Install:  PART 1  -  PART 2  -  PART 3




Tons of of build reports on different bikes HERE
Watch the Luna BB Installation video HERE
Watch the BBSHD uphill ride video HERE
Watch the unboxing video HERE
Watch our video on how to re-program your 965 display to get 9 levels of pedal assist HERE

 Luna Cycle is the worlds premier BBSHD dealer and do our best to offer the best options and support on this equipment.




The BBSHD is a complete redesign of the extremely popular mid drive the BBS02, every part is stronger and better. The BBSHD put out 150nm of force so much torque that you can stay in one gear and not shift as much as you would in the smaller drive.

This kit is for bottom bracket sizes of the most common sizes 68mm and 120mm (fat bike). Other BB sizes can be made to fit with our spacer kit. Read up about dealing with intrusive chainstays (article on fitting here)

The BBSHD heralds a new age of factory installed mid-drives. Unlike most other factory mid drives the BBSHD is designed to be mounted onto almost any bicycle currently manufactured. You can mate the BBSHD to any bike with a bottom bracket that is anywhere from 68mm to a much wider 100mm fat bike. The BBSHD is even now made in odd sizes (72mm & 120mm), including extra fat. We include with every kit so that you can make your BBSHD fit for almost any bottom bracket. If in doubt order the next size up....and our spacers will help you make the kit fit.

Install it on anything and ride it anywhere. With the proper gearing the BBSHD will easily climb stairs, go well over 30mph on the flats and much, much faster down hills. Singletrack trail-riding, cargo bikes, high-speed commuters the BBSHD can do it all.

The BBSHD excels at singletrack riding (article on singletrack testing here) as well as soft sand (article on soft sand testing) and works best with the Lunacycle Eclipse ring (independently reviewed here) or the Mighty-Mini chainring (available here). The stock 46T steel chainring on this kit is very heavy and has too many teeth for trailriding, although it works fine for commuting.

Its predecessor the BBS02 would sometimes falter if run at peak power for too long of a time but those days are over with the BBSHD. Completely redesigned with thicker windings, giant heat dissipating fins and a powerful 12 FET controller. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Go ahead, beat on it, the BBSHD was designed to take all of your abuse and more.

We are proud to be the first dealer in the world to have this drive in stock. We are shipping it with the controller hot rod programmed so not only can you get pedal assist when you want you can also get full throttle when you want it.


Regarding the BBSHD and  Legal Street Use

Our drives come programmed for 750w. You can choose to have us program it with our hot rod settings if its for off road use on private property such as for  a hunting vehicle or pit bike.

This  drive is capable of 1500 watts in the right power settings. 

If you do choose 1500 watt model, we suggest you also buy a   programming cable so that you can change the firmware back to make it legal for street use.


Which Bike?

The Bafang drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailler if you have one. 

The  BBSHD can be mounted in a wide range of bottom brackets from 68mm to 120mm. To pick which motor works right for you: please see this guide.  For most applications you need the standard size (68mm), and can even go a few millimeters over the usual limit of 73mm with standard by using loctite on the axle instead of the second lockring.

Our BBSHD kits come with one spacer kit good for 10mm total, if using a 100mm fatbike motor on a regular bike (73mm) some additional spacers may be needed and can be bought here. (If possible we recommend using the correct motor for your bike for the best possible chainline in order to prevent chain derailment)

Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.


Maybe you have an old donor bike laying around you want to convert, or maybe you are wide open to which bike to buy and install this kit on.

If you are also shopping for a bike to install this kit, that is perfect. We recommend you pick a bike that is known to be compatible with this drive and has no known issues. Ideally a build report has been written on our builder forum so that you can follow step by step someone elses building steps.

Here is a post on our builders forum  with a collection of build reports you can scroll through. 

Looking for documentation? Click the Q & A tab on this page (Highly recommended to do so)

How to pick out a BBSHD kit for your ebike build



Which Options?

Here is some help picking which options you have available during check out.


Battery Choices

This is a 30amp Kit and includes everything you need to install the kit on most bikes except for battery (which you can add at discounted price) all the batteries listed in the add as add ons are excellent choices for this kit.  We have picked our most popular batteries as kit options and have made them available at a discounted price.

However you are not stuck to just these choices. 

All of our 48v (see here) and 52v (see here) batteries are compatible with this kit as well if your looking for something larger in capacity. (more amp hours = larger size and farther range) We especially recommend any battery made with Panasonic PF or GA cells for the best fit for performance and range. 


Display (dashboard Options)

The displays are the control center and the thing to most understand is they all display the same information (watts, battery indicator, speed, miles traveled, etc) so in essence just pick the display that you like the look of the most, since they all have the same basic functions. 


965- Standard display and recommend if you dont have a strong preference for something else.

DPC-14 A full color display (read more here)  that is a $45 upgrade option. If you want the fanciest best looking display this is it.

963- the smallest most discreet display...mounts by the throttle. A cult favorite. $40 upgrade price.

961 - The bafang default display that is not fancy but works perfect.

The Gearsensor

The Gearsensor is a $40  add on accessory that automatically senses you shifting when you change gears and cuts the motors power for a fraction of a second resulting in a smooth shift.  Now with optional Gear Sensor...get almost the same BBSHD kit  as some sale branded the "E-rad"  at a greatly reduced price.   This kit will come with an extra connector so you can add the gear sensor now or later without losing your e-brakes. We highly recommend the gear sensor upgrade which will give you butter smooth shifting. 

Here is a link to the install guide on the Gear Sensor. This gear sensor is very popular option because before luna, only a few sellers were able to sale this and sold it at a huge mark up. 


eBrake  Options

The Bafang has the option of connecting with your bicycle brakes and automatically cutting off power when the brake is tapped.

The kit will work with or without the brake sensors plugged in.

The Bafang kit comes stock with new brake handles that can replace your existing brake handles.

You also have the option of getting magnet sensors which allows you to adapt your existing brakes.  This will help with users who have hydraulic brakes the sensors are not compatible with. 

You can also choose to go with a brand new set of hydraulic ebrakes with the sensors built in. 


Chain Ring Options

The Bafang comes stock with a 46 tooth chain ring option which works great, but is heavy and some consider it ugly.

You can upgrade chain rings to something with a smaller tooth count which will  give you lower gearing and a few less mph of top speed but much more torque. Also the Upgrade chainrings are lightweight aluminum and look "blingy"

There are a number of different chain ring options which can get confusing.

If you want an easy choice, we recommend the Luna 42 tooth aluminum chain ring.... it looks better and is lighter than stock with lower gear ratio, but is only $40 option....Read more about it here.  This ring you can interchange to a bigger gear like in the picture  you can go from 42 to 52 tooth for road speed freaks. 

For more bling you can go with the Luna Eclipse (usually back stocked) or the Lekkie 42 tooth....both awesome but more expensive options.

The Luna Mighty mini is excellent for off roaders and turns the BBSHD into an off road monster, while loosing only about 4 mph in top speed. We also highly recommend this option. 

All these chainrings have different offsets which effects your chain line which can cause you to lose a few gears when shifting.   When you upgrade chain rings we throw in the stock chain ring as well so that you can try both.

In reality its something you should not worry to much about... most chainrings will be compatible with most bikes.  Usually when there is a compatibility issue it is with a fat bike. Since when you go with an upgrade chain ring, you will also get the stock ring, you will have back up in the off chance you do have compatibility problems. For the chainring with the best offset and therefore the best chainline go with Eclipse, this will be most likely to let you use all the gears.

Watch our video on different chain rings

More information on chain ring selection

Here is a link to an independent review of the Luna Eclipse chainring.

Programming Cable option

The Bafang has many setting which will effect the way the power comes on especially in pedals assist mode. We highly recommend this $20 option because it will allow you to customize in the future.

Their are many great programming guides available on the bbshd online. 

Pick your Bottom Bracket Size

The BBSHD comes in sizes made to fit the size of your bottom bracket. Please measure your bottom bracket before ordering. We have both in standard sizes (68-73mm), wide and fat sizes (74-100mm) and extra fat (100-120mm)

If in doubt about your sizing read this guide. If your bottom bracket shell is slightly longer than usual (for example 75mm) You can still use the standard motor. At worst you would just not use the second lockring which just acts as a jam nut and instead use blue Loctite. Same thing if your motor is a few mm above 100, you would NOT need the extra fat motor. You often can make a larger motor work with spacers but you do not need to go up a size if it is only a few millimeters difference.  

Luna provides an exclusive spacer kit, which gives you up to 12mm of adjustment so that you can size your drive down in case it doesn't fit right away.


Throttle options

If you are not sure about this one... pick the universal thumb throttle Thumb throttles are the safest and fit all bikes.


If you like motorcycle twist throttle, our custom Luna throttles are awesome.


Luna Install Tool option

There are some proprietary nuts on the bottom bracket of the BBSHD that can be a little tricky to install without the right tool (still very easy to jerry rig something)


However the Luna install wrench was made to make this task a snap and make taking on and off your drive easier in the future. 


This is a $20 option.  Luna manufactures  this kit in their shop, and makes it affordable...the bafang install kit would cost anywhere from $65-$150 depending on which dealer you bought it from. 





 Question and answers


Here is a compilation of common questions we get with answers. If you dont find the answer you need please post it to our forums here.

Is there any difference of the BBSHD sold from the different sellers?

There are small differences in the program settings the dealers decide to program into the BBSHD or what power connectors they use...but for the most part the BBSHD is the same from all sellers. China sellers are selling them with stock program setting from Bafang which makes the drive much more slugish and slow.


How do i program my own BBSHD and what do i need to do it?

All you need is our $20 programming cable and then read this programming guide.... its easier than you think.


Why should i buy from you guys instead of some china Seller?

Our price is the same if not lower than most china sellers,. We are a USA company and can provide USA after sales support which China cant offer because of how far away they are. It costs 100 dollars to send a BBSHD back to China.


What is the top speed I will get out of my BBSHD?

From our experience the top speeds we see is 30mph.  With high gearing and hard pedaling you can get a bit more...but the drive is not geared high enough for much beyond 30mph. 


What is the difference of the BBS02 vs BBSHD? Which one do you recommend?

The bbshd is completely redesigned and is a much more robust drive that is more efficient and more dependable. You do not need to shift as much with the torque the bbshd offers and can even run a bbshd single speed, which would  be unheard of on a bbs02.  The bbs02 weighs 3 pounds less and is around 150 dollars less.  We think the BBSHD is worth the extra price and pounds.


Which display do you recommend for the BBSHD?

The color DPC14 is by far the best display offering...the latest and greatest.  Read an independent review. 


How do I order the right BBSHD kit that fits my bike?

Read this guide.


Which bike should i select as a donor bike?  

We highly recommend you pick a bike that someone has already done a build on...that way your build will have no surprises or compatibility issues. Look at this section in our forum for a compilation of builds reports. Any one of these frame kits with documented build reports would be a great choice. 


Can i fit the BBSHD with a modern press fit bottom bracket system?

Yes but you will need to purchase a converter. Read this guide or this article from Empowered.


Additional links and useful information:



Product Reviews

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  1. Poor factory machining and design

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2016

    The motor mounts are poorly designed and the motor locking Y-ring has MISMATCHED HOLES. You will have to drill and grind this $1,000 assembly.
    How carefully are the internals machined? Time will tell.

  2. Easy Install on Surly Troll...

    Posted by John on Aug 2nd 2016

    The kit bolted up easily, like it was made for my Surly Troll frame. I used a Lekkie chain ring and it gave me a perfect chain line. Too easy.

    Having just put the kit on the bike, I have put around six miles on the bike and it is fantastic. Hills that used to kick my ass and made me crawl up in 2nd or third gear I now go up at 20 M.P.H. in sixth. (8 Speed Nexus Hub) I feel like a super hero.

    The only reason I am giving a four star review instead of five is that the kit comes with no instructions. The installation is pretty straight forward. But, including a piece of paper with a link to where I can find a .PDF of a manual wouldn't be that hard or time consuming. Also, it doesn't come with some necessary connectors. I ended buying some water proof butt connectors for the connection between the battery and the motor and some shrink wrap tubes to keep the connections clean and watertight.

    Overall, this was easy to install and did exactly what I wanted when I rode it. Awesome.

  3. Over 500 miles with no problems

    Posted by Bill Metcalf on Jul 29th 2016

    I have been riding my BBSHD on a Kona for the last two months, what a great setup. I have had no problems and the installation was very straight forward. Currently have about 500 miles on it. I do check the bb nuts about once a week but has never been a problem. I can not figure out why people are spending thousands of dollars for an Ebike that runs on a 250-650 watt motor and a small 36 volt battery, I must be nuts, I have maybe $1500.00 into the Ebike and it does much more than a factory built Ebike. Thanks Eric, I am going to build another Ebike for the winter. Any ideas on a bike would be great.
    Williamsport Pa.


    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2016

    I have bought three of these kits and have installed them on two fat bikes and my Kona 29er which had the 750 watt bafang mid drive kit on it. I have pushed these kits both on and off road and have never had a problem with over heating or any other problem whatsoever. I have 6 dolphin batteries and have used all of the batteries during one day on one bike and the motor keeps performing and going strong. This kit is awesome!!!

  5. A very worthwhile and exciting addition to my Townie

    Posted by Chuck Hallett on Jul 2nd 2016

    Two months ago I saw my first electric bike in the parking lot of a McDonalds. An employee leaving work on it just zipped around the lot and I took notice. I've been driving twelve miles round trip to my office for a year now, but noticed a lot of folks here in Corvallis Oregon ride bikes to work; about 10% ride bikes. Being an engineer, I spent several weeks reviewing my options, learning which configurations made sense and finally deciding a mid-drive motor was the way to go.

    My research also led me to conclude that ordering a kit from LunaCycle was the best way to go. I ordered a 100mm BBSHD kit and the 52V Dolphin 13.5 amp GA battery. Now all I needed was a bike. There are more bike shops per square mile in Corvallis than you can shake a stick at. I visited all of them and was able to buy a 21 speed Electra Townie which was a demo for half price. I had them take the crank out before I left the store; I know they thought I was nuts!

    Turns out that ordering the 100mm was the wrong move, I just couldn't get it to fit up correctly on the Townie's 68mm BB. I went with the 100mm because I thought I could switch the motor to a cargo bike later. Luna Cycle shipped me a 68mm bare bones motor kit right away.

    I installed the 68mm kit but could not get the 33mm Steel Nut tightened sufficiently. I took the bike to the shop where I bought it for another issue. The mechanic was very interested in the motor drive and took a close look at it. He showed me how there was a little bit of play in it and stressed that I would destroy the bottom bracket in short order if I didn't get the play out of it. The motor would just exacerbate the problem. The shop didn't have a tool that would fit the 33mm steel nut either, so I bit the bullet and ordered the special Bafang socket ($45 + shipping) and bought a 1/2" Torque Wrench on sale at Harbor Freight. I completely redid my installation, put a few spacers on the drive side to align the chain line and torqued the 33mm Steel Nut to 50 nM (38 ft/lbs). I just returned from a six mile test ride and the motor did not sag or torque up and hit the frame as was happening before. I'm now a much happier camper.

    My take away from this is just buy the 33mm socket and save yourself a lot of grief. I read how someone recommended using a hammer and screwdriver to tighten that nut, but it didn't work for me, and besides how the heck are you going to know how much torque you've applied with that method?.

  6. Refurbished or New ...

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 28th 2016

    I truly believe these kits are refurbished 750W Motors upgraded with the new controller. Not per say Factory new 1000w HDs.

  7. Love it!!

    Posted by albert on Jun 26th 2016

    My only problem was I had to file down the edges of the fix holder bracket near the screws in order to be able to get the screws through. But over all I'm very satisfied.

  8. What a riot!

    Posted by Wayne Rasmussen on Jun 24th 2016

    I installed the BBSHD kit on a Gravity Deadeye Monster using the wealth of information available on-line. Absolutely no problems with the install and everything plays well together. Added the eclipse chainring to straighten up the chainline. I knew this would be fun but I didn't know it would be this much fun.
    Thanks to Lunacycle for a great kit and quick service.

  9. WOW!

    Posted by lutz on Jun 24th 2016

    I am 66, have been cicycling all my life since 6, for basic transportation too, and over 10 years on all kinds of motorcycles from a 6cyl 6 carb power cruiser, to sportbikes, harleys, euro sport tourers, to honda scooters, but I had no idea a battery and electric motor can do so much. All the power I need as a byciclist there. Smoooooooth, really smooth, and I mean so smooth there is no jerkiness at all normally associated with powerfull motors on full throttle operation. My bbshd is mounted on a full suspension mountian bike and the ride is smooth, even over curbs, lawns, singe track that i feel like riding on an Abrams tank, without the noise or stink. Awsome product. Could not wish for more. Can't imagine ever going without. True, this is a electric revolution for everyone using two wheel transportation. i am blown away.

  10. Great Motor/Kit at a Ridiculous Price

    Posted by James on Jun 23rd 2016

    There are already great reviews here. I agree with them! I am using the motor/kit on a 2011 Specialized Crosstrail Comp to commute to work. It's very quiet, responsive and fun/exhilarating. I achieve speeds of 30-33mph on flat roads. I don't think I'd want to go any faster than that, though. Installation of the motor was super simple and there are several videos out there to look at if you get stuck. I'm very happy with my purchase and I look forward to arriving at work faster than I would if I had driven and without breaking a sweat. This means more time with family when I get home and feeling more refreshed when I get there. I can't think of a better way to unwind. I'm definitely showing off the bike and trying to get others to get an e-bike.

  11. BBSHD ----- WOW

    Posted by Keith McElhinney on Jun 20th 2016

    This is a great unit. From what I have read it seems to be standing up to the tests people have thrown at it. It has great power and installation is simple. What a great way to get into the e-bike movement!
    Luna cycle has really helped make this happen. They have the products, answer your questions in a timely manner, have very competitive pricing and ship as soon as the order is complete.

  12. Brilliant, stout, so glad I got it.

    Posted by cliff oliver on Jun 20th 2016

    I investigated for months before purchasing.

    I felt this was the best thing to get.

    This is really a very easy install on my Townie electric. I did grind the mount for the chain guard on the bike so this would fit correctly.

    For an electric bike, combined with a 52V battery. This is the only way to go. Top speed is about 32mph but why would you want to go that fast on a bike.

    An absolute blast to ride. I don't do trails but I can keep up with my 32 yr old son who can average 3mph faster than me.

    Get it.

  13. State of battery, mph, visibility

    Posted by Cliff Oliver on Jun 20th 2016

    I have only used this product for a few days. Fits nicely on the handle bars and is easily viewed.

    Most of these displays are made for a maximum 48V battery. I am running a 52V so the information is not good until the battery starts to dwindle. I am looking at stopping using the battery at 44v resting or about 3.15v per cell. I don't know where the BMS cuts off but I know with my pack I have about 35miles and therefore I do not plan my rides for more than that.
    I like the display and visually it is nice.
    You can control most of the parameters like Kph vs Mph, voltage vs Analog, screen brightness. It comes with a USB input for lights or phones.
    Seems rugged. Looking for many miles with this display.

  14. Best midrive IMHO

    Posted by Nicholas on Jun 19th 2016

    Smooth quiet power with lots of torque. Fast enough.


    Posted by DON RUSSELL531 on Jun 14th 2016


  16. Some reasons you might like this...

    Posted by Randy S. on Jun 6th 2016

    The BBSHD was mounted on a cheap dual suspension mountain bike with disc brakes - purchased from Dicks Sporting Goods. Always had good luck with that bike. Anyway, here's the thing... Now I don't fear using up all my energy, or getting too hot, not being able to get up some hill or cross grassy areas with my knobby tires. I enjoy biking for exercise but when you're out of shape it's not so good. And this is a very quiet machine.

  17. great deal

    Posted by david wesely on Jun 2nd 2016

    I love the kit! fast, I am 165 and can do 40plus MH on flat roads with 52 V battery. With all the wires/battery and sensors which it is easy to set up. this kit makes life so much much better/easier. I get to work 15mins faster than a peddler, The overtime will pay for it in 6 months. One thing I would say to people is to make sure you stay on top of the unit and make sure things are tight and clean. After a few weeks you don't have to tighten down. Hot glue your sensors and wires so they don't get caught up with sticks and loosen up from vibrations. Hot glue holds it tight for a long time if you clean the contact surfaces. One thing is they could make the sprocket lighter and have a chain guild it's a bit unsafe when you hit a bump after a long day at work and you have to pop your chain back on the bike it would be nice. Other than that great kit and good deal.

  18. I dont normally do reviews (ie this is number 2 in 15yrs)

    Posted by scott on May 26th 2016

    I received my bbshd along with the Panasonic 52v 11.5 ah bottle battery yesterday (4 days shipping cross country). It took me 2 hours to do the complete install and I would have sworn that my 2009 Giant Trance x3 (26") and the bbshd were designed to be installed together the kit had everything I needed (only mod I did make was I added 1mm spacers between 42t chain ring and the spider to improve the chain line) I can use all of the rear cog except each extreme the smallest and largest cogs. I did not install the brake sensors at this time since I have hydraulic brakes and the magnet sensor seems unreliable- I did find no problem when coming to a stop that a quick back pedal of maybe an inch or so killed the motor instantly. I think as I ride it more as a commuter that I will invest in the tekro hydraulic brake designed for ebikes with the built in reed switch- I think that will be a requirement for an emergency quick stop! I also ordered the gear sensor and did not install it- but will this weekend- I have been around bikes all my life and "know" how to unload to shift but found when I did not get it right the torque on the cog and chain was enough to actual "tweak" the rear wheel and stays- really did not like and am hoping the gear snsor will fix that. I went with the color display because of the reviews and improvements- it works but more importantly it came already programmed and was truly pnp- it only had the 5 PA modes and I will probably change if possible to 9. I also changed battery setting to UBE and it seems to show battery okay but I don't think it is a very good "fuel gauge."
    The First Ride- WOW can you say insane torque (wheelie starts on throttle just happen if you slam it) and the top end speed was PLENTY. I decided to go through its paces and went for an 11 mile ride avg speed was 15 mph and I had a top speed of 40.2 mph. Terrain was hilly with steepest grade up being 8.2% and down -10.6%(Hence the top speed) total elevation change over entire ride was 1100 ft.(information from my phone app motion x gps) This was a super fun ride had no issues when cruising up hill with maintaining 10-12 mph with a steady but not hard cadence, on the flats and gradual climbs was able to easily maintain and hold 19-20 mphs while consuming between 18-20 amps and 95% of the time I was in PA3. Yes I was pedaling but never out of breath, oh and I am 235lbs and had to stop 4 times due to chain popping off- will fix when add gear sensor and retune derailluer. Started with fully charged battery 58.8v and battery read 51.5v when I returned home was 99% pavement but still have 2.2 off road tires on it. I could tell that some pep was missing in the battery near the end, I really think had I dropped the speed a little could easily double the range and still have juice. Intial review- great choose!
    My bad but I messed up my measuring or looked at something wrong but the bottle battery did not fit in my triangle so had to be mounted on the top tube with zip ties not ideal but it works- I wonder if the dolphin would have fit?- I could have sworn I had read somebody said they had it fit in a medium frame so must have been a different battery. the other issue is due to the frame design of bike the motor hangs down a little lower than ideal but I don't think it is too low even with 26" wheels- don't think I would try to go over any logs or big rocks on trails but was able to ride up a standard curb with no issues.
    I will update this review when I have done 100+ miles- fun enough could be less than a week :)

  19. Commute Heaven

    Posted by on May 3rd 2016

    On my third day of commuting and I am very happy with the BBSHD. Coupled with a 52 volt 13.5 ah battery, I barely use 20% of the battery on my 25 mile commute. (Round Trip) I gather my complete weight with bike, myself, and gear is around 230 pounds. With that said the bike feels like it wouldn't know the difference. I've read many reviews about overheating, blown controllers etc. However, this BBSHD seems very happy for my mostly flat commute. Never hot. The only problem I've had is the magnet for the speed sensor slipping out of place due to high speed. A little electrical tape has fixed that though.
    I have yet to try the 2 highest pedal assist modes. If I set the controller to 5 modes then 3 is enough. With a 46x11 gearing and 90 to 100rpm pedaling I regularly hit 40 mph down my main stretch of commute. When I get to the mid town area I go to PAS 2.
    We will see how it holds up, but the construction and lack of straining the systems points to a long lasting system. Also, it is super quite. I ride it on our bike trail and can really enjoy the scenery without a intrusive hum.
    I do believe this system is more than sufficient. Still, it is nice to have the power when you need it. 5 stars, excellent product.

  20. This kit is a blast to use.

    Posted by Jacob Smith on May 2nd 2016

    I have had this kit installed on my bike for over a week now. I bought this kit and the Panasonic 52V 13.5ah (dolphin) battery pack. Its a great combo. I like in the Sierra Nevada's ina little town called Twain Harte. My work is 4 miles away and I have been using my bike with this kit to get to and from work. It has worked flawlessly so far. Motor does not get too hot and it pulls me up the hills no problem (I am 6' 205lbs). I am happy I got this. The hardest part was removing the old cranks but I took it to the local bike shop to have them do it for 15 bucks.

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