Bafang BBSHD Bare Bones (motor and controller only)

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  • Price is for drive unit and controller only 
  • Instant upgrade for BBS01 and BBS02 systems
  • 20 minute upgrade if you already own one of the above systems
  • Includes 46t Stock Sprocket
  • New IRFB3077 12 Mosfet 30Amp controller
  • Gear Sensor Cable built into controller

This is for users who already own a BBSHD or BBS02 kit and want a fresh motor and controller unit.  For complete kit which is what most people will want CLICK HERE

This listing is for the drive unit only which includes ONLY the following:

BBSHD 750w Motor with Built in Controller

Stock 46t steel sprocket

This is all you need if you are upgrading your old BBS01 or BBS02, or swapping out a different sized BBSHD bare motor

Unsure if you need to replace the black triangular mounting plate that was on your BBS02?  If you have version "A" BBS02 you need the plate however you will not need this part if you have a late-model BBS02.

The BBSHD is completely redesigned predecessor of the BBS02 but all the accessories, crank arms, wiring harness, display, throttle, ebrake levers are all the same. Luna Cycle takes advantage of this and offers everything a BBS01 or BBS02 user needs to upgrade to the BBSHD which is drive unit, controller and sprocket.  Even the old mounting hardware will work.

Even though you probably won't need it we highly recommend you get the optional mounting parts kit option to replace the old bolts, LunaCycle will not replace the motor in case of a stripped thread. The kit will also include all the mounting hardware and out custom set of BBSHD spacers to ensure a perfect fit in case you need to line up the motor to clear an intrusive chainstay

The BBSHD is the new 750w unit from Bafang that is both more efficient and much more powerful than its little brother the BBS02.  Also the BBSHD has proven itself to be reliable even at high power levels, in situation where the BBS02 can be more delicate (like climbing steep hills in too low of a gear).  Luna Cycles is offering a bare bones BBSHD drive and controller for people who have BBS02 or BBS01 and want to upgrade to the BBSHD.  Since all the parts are interchangeable you can easily swap out any of these drive system in 20 minutes and have a BBSHD with all the power benefits. The BBS02 had serious issues running for sustained periods at peak power, but this is not a problem with the BBSHD. We have tested it extensively running it at the full 1500W even on very long hills and we cannot burn out this motor. If you look at it from a certain point of view you are essentially DOUBLING your power as the BBS02 could really only put out 750W indefinitely or on long hills and the BBSHD can put out 1500W all day long without breaking a sweat.

Also this is an affordable way to upgrade to a fat bike  if you have a BBS02 now instead of buying an overpriced $600 kit to make your BBS02 fat (the kit consists of just a bottom bracket and spacers).  This price is good for regular sized bottom bracket bikes as well as fat bikes. 

This is all you need to swap out your aging BBS01 or BBS02 with the latest and greatest drive unit from Bafang, the BBSHD 750w. 

The gear sensor plug is the yellow HIGO plug and will work with gear sensor.

This kit DOES NOT include the full BBSHD kit with ebrakes, display, crankarms and cabling. It comes ONLY with the drive unit and the chainwheel and possibly the optional fit kit. (for complete kit click here)

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