Bafang BBSHD Nylon Reduction Gear


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This is the primary reduction gear for the Bafang BBSHD drive unit. You need to remove the motor and controller to change and it is about an hour long job.

(Click here for instructions on replacing the Nylon gear)


The nylon primary reduction gear is one of the weak links in the Bafang BBSHD system. If you apply too much power while in the wrong gear you can strip them creating a problem referred in the community as "peanut butter gear".

Nylon is a necessary evil is because if steel gears were used the BBSHD would be very noisy.

No problem if you strip your BBSHD gears because we have them in stock and it is a fairly straight forward 1 hour install job.

(Click here for instructions on replacing the Nylon gear)

check out this link for further information on replacing the gear

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Nick Borgstrom Sep 9th 2017

There when you need one


Jzilla Aug 31st 2017

precautionary purchase.

Bought just in case, so can't speak of the product but shipping was promptly shipped via USPS. I am happy with shipping speed of Luna in regards to parts.

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