Bafang Gear Sensor Extension Cable

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  • 40" Bafang three-pin cable extender
  • Extend your throttle, gear sensor, ebrakes or ebrake sensors (they all use the same connector)
  • Ideal for trikes and cargo bikes
  • Save yourself a solder job and order extenders instead


2 Reviews

May 22nd 2017

Just what I needed

I recently electrified my Catrike Expedition and needed two of these cables to extend my gear sensor and my brake cut-off. Worked perfectly. My only criticism would be a length in between 8" and 40" would have been nice for the brake extension, but not an issue for me.

Powegian Apr 17th 2017

You need this

You need this extension to fit the Gearsensor to your 29er. For $49.95, you would think Gearsensor could provide a 6" longer pigtail. Whatever. It does the job.

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