BAFANG Half Grip Twist Throttle (Right Side)


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  • Updated half-twist throttle design that incorporates the full grip.
  • Matching full grip included for the left side.
  • Universal twist throttle for all Bafang mid drives and hubmotors
  • Designed to be mounted on either side of your handlbars for flexibility
  • Half twist grip makes it much safer than the standard motorcycle style full twist throttle (Seen Here)
  • Fits standard 22.2mm handlebar width (standard bicycle handlebar width) (note: incompatible with Luna bars used on Luna models X2/X2.5/Z1)
  • Easy 5 minute install.


This is the OEM bafang factory half twist throttle that works on all Bafang mid drives and hub motors.

It should also work on any  brand ebike powered by a bafang motor (look at the picture of the yellow connector down below to make sure its whats on your old throttle if in doubt).

Right side twist makes this a motorcycle style throttle. 

See our Knowledge Base article for compatibility and full selection


How to tighten right side:

There is a 4mm hex bolt in the middle of the hole, tighten it and it causes a plug to expand holding it in place