BAFANG Half Twist Throttle (Right Side)


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  • Updated half-twist throttle design that incorperates the full grip.
  • Matching full grip for other side.
  • Partial twist makes it much safer than the standard motorcycle style full twist throttle (Seen Here)

2 Reviews

Jules Jul 15th 2019


These are solid and feel high quality.

Eric MIller Aug 26th 2018

Feels solid. Spring loaded "snap back" is satistfying. Won't fit small interior diameter handlebars

I ride a motorcycle so I wanted a similar throttle setup. (also reversed the brakes so front brake is on the right).

This throttle I think will be good for that. It has a solid "snap" back into place.

Just be careful, it won't fit all handlebars. I have thick sidewall aluminum handlebars and the locking mechanism that comes with the handlebars won't fit inside. Still trying to come up with a solution.

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