Bafang Throttle Extension Cable

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  • 40" Bafang three-pin cable extender
  • Extend your throttle, brakes, brake sensors, or gear sensor (they all use same cable type)
  • Ideal for trikes and cargo bikes
  • Save yourself a solder job and order extenders instead. 


7 Reviews

Aug 21st 2017


Perfectly extends the wiring harness to reach brakes and throttle on my beach cruiser handle bars which are much longer than normal bars.

Oliver Jul 17th 2017

As described, but seems a little pricey for an 8" cable

I bought one of these with the plan of cutting it so I could design/install my own shift sensor. The cable is a cable, no surprises there. However, $10 seems like a lot for a small cable. I understand these are uncommon connectors, but I can't imagine these cost anywhere close to that wholesale. from China. I looked on the usual cheap online sources for these(aliexpress, ebay, etc.), but couldn't find something equivalent.

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