Luna Cycles Triangle Battery Bag Velcro


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For our zip style triangle bag that uses more discreet thin zipties intead of thick velcro straps go here

  • Fits in the triangle of most bicycles (not full suspension)
  • Hand made with canvas
  • Velcro Straps affix the bag to the bike (zip tie strap bag here)
  • outlets to run wiring through bag
  • mesh outside pockets on both sides
  • nice quality construction
  • Rigid plastic inserts makes the bag hold its shape
  • 17 inches x 10 inches


Where to mount the battery in an ebike is the biggest challenge when building a conversion bike. If you go with a non full suspension frame, the easy answer is to mount it in a battery bag inside the triangle.

Read an article on mounting battery options

Luna Cycles is proud to offer a quality triangle bag, probably the best available on the market for an affordable price. These are hand made by craftsman in downtown Los Angeles.  

We made this bag with Velcro straps for people who do not like the idea of using zip ties like on our standard battery bag. 

This one has mesh pockets that can be used for smaller controller mounting. 

It is amazing how many amp hours you can fit in this bag a 20ah triangle pack is easy. Be sure to pad your pack carefully.

Look at our 12.5ah Samsung 25r  triangle pack for a perfect fit for this bag.




1. My pack is a little wider than this bag, can I make it fit?



1. The zippers on these bags are very tough when used properly. Exerting stress on them 90° to the direction of travel will cause them to fail. If the item causes the zipper to "pucker" or requires you to pull the two halves together just to get it to zip, you will likely have a zipper failure.