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XT90-S Connector set with Pigtails

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Product Description

  • The best connector ever just got better
  • Spark resisting feature means no more annoying spark and your connector can handle more amps
  • It can handle up to 100 amps 
  • convenient pigtails means can be installed with crimpers and no solder
  • Set includes one male and one female connector
  • Use female on battery side


The xt90s is a beautiful design which not only makes fast easy connections of battery packs for those who plug and unplug their battery packs often, but it also eliminates the annoying spark that happens when connecting a high amperage pack.

 Check out our article on ebike connectors here.


 XT90 specifications




1. How much current are these rated for?
2. Do these have spark suppression?
3. What size wire should I use with these?
4. Is the polarity marked on the connectors?
5. Which one is the Male and which one is the Female?
6. How long are the leads?
1. They are rated for 100 amp duty ,designed to handle 100 Amps continuously without exceeding 80°C.
2. Yes, The XT90S series of connectors have spark suppression built into the female half of the pair.
3. XT-90 solder lugs are ideally sized to accept 10 - 12 AWG wire.
4. Yes, each edge of the connector has the recommended polarity symbol indicated.
5. The connector half with the metal prongs is the male. The half with the metal sockets is the female. The outer plastic housing does not affect gender assignment.
6. The leads are approximately 4" long and are pre-tinned.


Product Reviews

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  1. XT90-S Connector set

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 14th 2017

    Worked perfectly with my ebike battery!

  2. Great product

    Posted by Charlie D on Aug 28th 2017

    Arrived on time, sturdy, does exactly what it promises.

  3. these are huge with thick wires

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2017

    I ordered theses for connecting my BBSHD to battery, but the actual item looks bigger than what is pictured, and the wires are to thicker than the BBSHD and Battery wires, So i basically bought this to not use it, wasn't worth the trouble to return

  4. good connectors

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2017

    good connectors

  5. A thousand thank you's!

    Posted by Steve on Jun 14th 2017

    Thank you for offering these. I live in rural MN, and getting my hands on XT-90's at all isn't easy except through the internet, and getting them as pigtails saves me the effort of getting someone else to solder up a connector or the humiliation of trying to do it myself. ;) The connections are great, the wire is plenty heavy, and the shipping was lightning fast. Thanks again.

  6. Connect At Will

    Posted by Bob Becker on Feb 16th 2017

    Love these connectors. No spark, durable and solid connection. They're perfect.

  7. Good connector

    Posted by Tom Tucker on Jan 22nd 2017

    I am pleased with the connectors I purchased from Luna Cycle. The wires are of a good heavy gauge and the connectors slip in and out with ease yet are snug enough not to disconnect while riding.

  8. Nice quality.

    Posted by Denis Berger on Aug 28th 2016

    The connectors are very cleanly soldered to the pigtails.

  9. XT90-S Connectors + pigtails

    Posted by Kent on Aug 19th 2016

    Used this to change the wires and add an anti-spark connector to the Killer Whale battery pack. Soldered the wires and added heat shrink tubing, routing the wires through the battery pack mount's grommet. Works well and saves soldering work on the XT90 side, which is done professionally by Luna with this product.

  10. No Spark!

    Posted by Theron Chaplin on Jul 27th 2016

    Works great for my needs. I have a carbon shark battery paired with a BBS02 and used these (crimped) between the two. I remove the battery from it's cradle frequently and I never get a spark. I'm sure I'll buy more in the future!

  11. Very good quality and easy to install

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2016

    I am now thinking of putting these connectors on all of my DIY ebikes. I am very impressed with the quality and the fact that the sparking effect is negated by these connectors. Great product.

  12. Big juicy 10ga silicone insulated presoldered wires

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2016

    Just crimp/solder your connections and shrink-tube your connections - Done, beautiful - Many thanks Guys!!!

  13. The New Standard

    Posted by Grant Cornish on Jul 4th 2016

    These make a solid, positive connection, and provide a good size connector body to pull on. I've found that the back cap section often separates from the main body too easily, so I add a couple drops of super glue in it to prevent this.

  14. Fantastic product but come on Luna, review your shipping options !

    Posted by Rob Ward on Jun 25th 2016

    I ordered these as i needed a new controller on my BBSHD and didnt want the hassle of having to solder the XT90S's on. I already use the XT90S's. With the spark arrestor and unless you are very competent with a soldering iron there is a good chance you will make a hash of the connector as repeated heating and cooling of the terminal can damage the plastic outer. But these connectors with the pigtails are the answer.

    I would definitely use these again BUT the shipping costs are so expensive (and slow) overseas. I am in the UK and could not find anything similar here so had to spring for these. I would order nore from Luna but the expensive and poor shipping options stop me.


    Posted by R Anderson on Mar 27th 2016

    An excellent connector which really does eliminate the dreaded SPARK when plugging in. Easy to plug/unplug and rugged and secure as well. Top choice for battery-to-controller connections.

  16. Nice Pair

    Posted by JPLabs on Mar 20th 2016

    This is a nice pair of connectors. The internal resistor eliminates the big spark when you connect the battery, thus preventing connectors from being damaged over time.


  17. Great connectors

    Posted by Chris on Nov 26th 2015

    Easy to slap some Anderson's on the ends of the pigtails, to make a spark-arresting on-off connection of big batteries. Work with the 45amp Andersons. I'm switching over to these on all of my bikes. Idiot proof (nonreversible) connections, pretty water resistant.