XT90-S Connector set with Pigtails


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  • The best connector ever just got better
  • Spark resisting feature means no more annoying spark and your connector can handle more amps
  • It can handle up to 100 amps 
  • convenient pigtails means can be installed with crimpers and no solder
  • Set includes one male and one female connector
  • Use female on battery side


The xt90s is a beautiful design which not only makes fast easy connections of battery packs for those who plug and unplug their battery packs often, but it also eliminates the annoying spark that happens when connecting a high amperage pack.

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 XT90 specifications




1. How much current are these rated for?
2. Do these have spark suppression?
3. What size wire should I use with these?
4. Is the polarity marked on the connectors?
5. Which one is the Male and which one is the Female?
6. How long are the leads?
1. They are rated for 100 amp duty ,designed to handle 100 Amps continuously without exceeding 80°C.
2. Yes, The XT90S series of connectors have spark suppression built into the female half of the pair.
3. XT-90 solder lugs are ideally sized to accept 10 - 12 AWG wire.
4. Yes, each edge of the connector has the recommended polarity symbol indicated.
5. The connector half with the metal prongs is the male. The half with the metal sockets is the female. The outer plastic housing does not affect gender assignment.
6. The leads are approximately 4" long and are pre-tinned.